Welcome to CamilyWand. The Sticky, Bug Removal Tool

CamilyWand is bringing you solutions to keep your home tranquil, with great views and excellent design.  Camily, LLC, owner of CamilyWand Sticky Bug Removal Tool™, is dedicated to providing you with answers to keep your Silhouette® window shadings free of bugs and debris, preserving great views and protecting your window shading investments.

WCMA_PIA_winner_tech_innov_misc_10In designing homes to perfection for over 40 years, whether they are new homes or remodeling projects, we discovered an ugly problem: bugs in blinds. Our clients make large investments for Silhouette® window shadings that simultaneously allow great insulation, views, and privacy.

However, in time bugs and other insects are drawn to this beautiful light, get into the chambers of the window coverings, become trapped inside, and die before they can find their way out. These bugs could harm the Silhouettes® if rolled into the headrail before they were removed. We’ll tell you how to get bugs out of Silhouettes® as you review our webpages.

To prevent the bugs from lodging in the openings between the vanes, Lynn Severson, owner of Camily LLC, invented & patented the CamilyWand Sticky Bug Removal Tool™.  Our tool, designed to clean blinds, is a unique, safe and effective solution to this common problem for the owners of the exquisite Silhouette® window shadings made by Hunter Douglas. Bugs, insects, and debris become trapped in the chambers between the vanes and the outside sheers when the blinds are rolled down and the vanes are in the open, horizontal position.

Our solution became well-known and received the prestigious BEST TECHNICAL INNOVATION AWARD from the WCMA (Window Covering Manufacturers Association) in 2010.

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