Wonderful Decorating Ideas on How to Beautify your Home during the Holidays

Our Thanksgiving holiday has passed and we now turn to counting our blessings in celebrating our Christmas, Hanukkah and other religious holidays in December. Beautiful snow has arrived in many locations in the northern hemisphere. With our shortened daylight hours, we turn toward our fireplaces, enjoy warm drinks and comforting foods. It’s a wonderful time to gather around the fire and cozy dining tables to enjoy time with friends and family, or cuddle up with a good book or great entertainment in our homes.

We prepare our comfort foods, decorate our homes with ideas following family traditions and spruce up our homes for our holiday celebrations and get togethers. Some of you will be completing decorating projects and last minute touch ups in your homes. Windows are focal points in our living spaces, so it is important to have them looking their best. Blinds like the Hunter Douglas Silhouette® shadings may need a touch up cleaning. Or you may have high areas in your home that need a quick wipe to remove debris. Our CamilyWand™ is just the ticket for those chores. It is a tool made up of an extension pole with a perpetually sticky tip (when clean) that grabs bugs and debris from the interior tubes of Silhouette® window shadings. You’re also able to pick up and remove light weight items from inaccessible places.

We have a demonstration video on our about page on our website and several videos on You Tube at CamilyWand8. Take a look to see what you’re able to do with our great tool. It will come in very handy as you’re working through your holiday preparations for sprucing up your home.

With your cleaning chores complete, you’ll have time to enjoy the next month and all the joys it brings to our lives. I especially enjoy the lights around town and the opportunity to watch other areas of the country in their celebrations with my facebook friends. There are so many creative people out there in the global arena, it is fun to enjoy the holiday festivities. Getting ahead of the game so you have time to enjoy the season is just the best thing to do.

Adding small unique touches to your home holiday is a fulfilling way to enjoy this unique time of year. Our special, traditional and sentimental decorations bring wonder to our lives and celebrations. As we move through these enjoyable times, we realize how lucky we are to live where we do and have the opportunity to count our blessings and share our love and caring for others. Enjoy your holiday celebrations!

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Think of using natural materials in your holiday decorating. Branches from the woods, pinecones used in outside pots with pomegranites for color and various pods can make great statements without costing very much money.
Check out nature in your area to see what you find to help decorate festively in your home!

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