Warm Glow from our Windows using Specialty Illumination as We have Earlier Dark time Hours

We’re all getting an early holiday gift as we will have longer daytime light starting on December 21st, four days before Christmas. The sun will reach the Tropic of Capricorn that day and start it’s northward treck, giving us longer daylight hours as it moves toward the equator.

We have many ways of accenting our windows when our shadings, blinds or shutters are closed in the dark to make our living spaces have that warm glow and feel comfy and cozy. Starting with the outside, colorful lighting on deck railings, or framing the outside of the window will provide a soft feeling inside the home. The light will seep in through whatever type of shading you have to cover the glass.

As an example, the Silhouette® types of blinds, which allow a filtered view of the outside when used in the down position with the vanes open, allow light to enter the room while having insulative protection. The vanes may be left open allowing different levels of light to enter the room from the outside. During the day, that would be daylight. But at night,  imagine colorful holiday lighting around your windows, on a nearby tree or framing the outside casing of your window. What a beautiful sight that would be when entertaining relatives or guests during this festive time.

You’ll want to be sure that your Silhouette® shadings are free from plant particles, debris and bugs so these festive views are not marred by pesky critters. We at Camily, LLC have invented and patented a tool to easily remove them before you have your parties. It is CamilyWand, a tool comprised of an extension pole with a removable, washable sticky CamilyTip on the end. When inserted in the side opening of the shading, it grabs the bugs or debris, allowing you to remove them from your window shadings and protect your investment and the beauty of the blinds. When you have your blinds covering the glass, either in the open or closed position, you are saving substantial energy. Our product will also work on Pirouettes®, Luminettes®, Nantuckets™, Shangri-La®, Illusions and other similar products which allow the view, insulation and privacy protection at the same time.

When you consider interior lighting to emphasize a window or special item you have in your home, there are simple, easy and relatively inexpensive ideas to implement to have that warm glow inside your home. Incandescent lighting, basically lighting from table and floor lamps, provides a soft, warm glow. When placed by a window shading, you’ll notice the details of the Silhouette® vane placement and the soft feeling from the fabrics with their “S” curve orientation. It gives a very warm feeling to a room.

Another simple way to get that feeling is to use a spotlight from the floor, placed behind a plant or furniture, aimed upward to illuminate your shadings and decorative window treatments. These specialty types of “lamps”, or as we routinely call them – bulbs- are available at lighting stores. They come in a wide spectrum of color – from warm to cool – depending on your preference.

We hope you’ll be able to take advantage of opportunities in your home to soften the look of your window treatments, provide focal interest and give your rooms that warm glow for your holiday celebrations.

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These great illumination ideas are relatively inexpensive and readily available at hardware stores, big box stores, and lighting companies. The necessary specific holders for floor lighting provide distinctive ways to achieve new lighting ideas!

Remember that the snow seen through Silhouettes and Nantuckets is gorgeous with your shadings covering the glass with the vanes open. It’s soft, sparkly and so peaceful. Enjoy!

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