Tailgate Parties, County Fairs

Fun county and state fairs, Labor Day holidays, back to school days, and trips show Americana at its best this time of year!

I recall college trips with my children – especially the drives across beautiful countryside, taking them to their schools -looking forward to all the fall traditions, and enjoying natures’ bounty along the way. The Midwestern sunflowers in August and September were always stunning in my mind – endless fields of flowers welcoming the changing seasons.

As we look forward to the cooler temperatures and our upcoming fall, we’ll be shifting our focus toward casual autumn parties and times when we spend more of our days indoors.  Some readers are commenting on different issues they have in their homes, particularly why they have little gnats, bugs and debris in the vane openings of their nice Silhouette® or Nantucket™  window shadings. These “blinds” have wonderful light dispersion qualities; we love it and so do the bugs. The attraction draws them into the shading from the shade’s side openings.

We, at Camily, LLC,  were aware of that issue and invented our CamilyWand™ Sticky Bug Removal Tool™ for that purpose. There are many shadings that attract bugs into the beautiful light. They include Pirouettes®, Vignettes®, Luminettes® Soleras®, Shangri-La and Illusion window shadings manufactured by Hunter Douglas and other blind companies. Many of these products have been on the market for years and would benefit from the use of our CamilyWand.™ It’s sticky tip grabs debris easily and safely from your shadings, preserving your gorgeous views.

CamilyWand™ also reaches other problem areas in the home. It does a fine job retrieving lightweight objects from inaccessible places, such as jewelry from behind dressers, and papers in between appliances, webs and debris hanging from beams, crown mouldings and cornices and drapery treatments. Using our removal tool will make your cleaning chores easier and more effective, as you move into fall entertaining.

Our hope is for you to enjoy the last of summer time and enjoy our upcoming harvest time. Have a great September!