Easter, Passover, Celebrating Beliefs this Week

Easter, Passover, Celebrating Beliefs this Week is a time to reaffirm our traditional ways of living and being.

As we celebrate Passover, Easter and other religious holidays we reflect on our lives and our new paths to come.

My recollections go back to our church in Wisconsin Rapids, across the street from the Wisconsin River. At the time it was an old stone Congregational Church, where I was baptized and confirmed, as is our tradition. One year the church basement flooded and I am still able to picture us teenagers in our high rubber boots bucketing water out of our classrooms during a spring river flood.

Later after our family moved to Madison, the church was remodeled.  Our Barker family donated a Carillon tower and music to the church in honor of and Grandmother, an avid supporter of our church and faith. All of us Grandchildren and our parents contributed to that memorial, which provides peaceful music as it plays in Wisconsin Rapids. It is a multi – generational gift, reminding us of our impact on society.

As I composed this blog post I saw a butterfly in my garden, through my sheer window shadings; then saw a couple of birds on the deck railing, further reminding me of the circle of life and what we are celebrating this week. The butterflies on flowers are truly an amazing universal sign of hope, I enjoy sharing the image of a butterfly on a flower blossom.

My Silhouette® window shadings allow my excellent filtered views to the outside, which I enjoy. They allow me to see mother nature in action with birds and animals. Many of my blog post readers share my love of having the ability to insulate my home, receive some privacy and see all that nature offers us outside our homes.

The Silhouettes® and many other products manufactured my Hunter Douglas provide similar attributes and functionality. The side openings in the shadings allow bugs and debris to enter the vane openings, and need to be removed. We at CamilyWand™ saw this problem, invented a solution and offer it to those who want to remove little critters or other light weight objects from inaccessible places – the middle of their shadings, behind furniture, high ceiling corners, near appliances and many other places. One reader removed aphids from her roses using her CamilyWand™ Sticky Bug Removal Tool™ ( with its perpetually sticky tip) for this delicate task – worked like a charm.

As we move through our Holiday week, we at CamilyWand™ wish you happiness and peace, always being safe.