Lucky St. Patrick’s Day, Irish Celebrations, Everything Green

Celebrating St Patrick’s Day this coming weekend will be Green Everywhere. We’ll see green beer, Leprechauns, 4 leaf clovers, Irish dancers, and people becoming Irish for a day!

What a fun way to celebrate our rite of passage into spring! Everybody enjoying the luck of the Irish in the next week will be fun!

I’m reminded of a little gift I gave my Mom years ago when visiting her on St Patricks Day. It was a little hard rubber figurine of a Leprechaun in a green suit wearing a little hat. When the holiday was over, she placed it in a curio cabinet along with many family treasures. It was always fun to see it sitting on the shelf as a reminder of that day we spent together years ago.

We all have our traditions in celebrating different holidays and family gatherings. We want our homes to look nice, even if only when friends drop by to visit, sharing meals, food or good times. Many of us have wonderful views from our homes, and with the cooler temperatures we’ve been having this winter, it is nice to save on our heating bills by having our blinds covering our windows. Some shadings such as Silhouettes® by Hunter Douglas have insulation abilities with a filtered view at the same time. Seeing the different weather outside with the warmth of your home inside is a bonus with these blinds.

My shadings are in the “down – open” position much of the day. I do raise them totally to capture solar energy when the sun shines in the windows. But when they cover the glass, I want to enjoy the view and warm feeling it provides. Unfortunately, bugs and debris enjoy those things too. When they get stuck inside the openings, it is important to remove them as soon as possible. The Silhouette® blinds along with other shading products, such as Pirouettes®, Nantuckets™, Luminettes®, Soleras™, Vignettes®, Illusions, Shangri-Las, and Allen Roth naturally have these issues.

To keep your blinds and shadings bug and debris free, we invented and manufacture our CamilyWand™ Sticky Bug Removal Tool™. As a long time interior designer and window blind dealer, I saw the frustration people found with insects marring their views after their blinds were hanging in their homes over time. The idea of how to remove bugs from blinds turned into reality many years ago and now our readers have a safe easy solution to the bug removal issue and are very happy they can preserve their views – the CamilyWand™.

We at Camily LLC want you to have a great safe and happy weekend celebrating the Irish with your friends!


Mardi Gras Celebrates Rich Food

Mardi Gras Celebrates Rich Food on the last Tuesday before Lent begins on Ash Wednesday. In the Carnival atmosphere, people dance in the streets, wear masks, jewelry and party the night away – HERE in New Orleans!

Knowing the ritual of the Mardi Gras celebrations, it is always a fun day during the first part of March. I have some Mardi Gras goodies from a trip that my parents made there when I was younger. Mom wore a feather butterfly mask (covering her whole face) along with a sequined baseball cap that was Kelly green, gold and a fuschia purple color. Fit me perfectly – now if I could  just to get to the Big Easy by Tuesday evening! She carried a little matching umbrella and starry wand for the festivities. And beads, beads, beads everywhere.

People didn’t need to be in the middle of all the craziness to enjoy revelry and “The World’s Biggest Party” – according to the residents of New Orleans. They are able to see the people parading through the streets after enjoying their big “Fat Tuesday” dinners, eaten in restaurants in anticipation of the next Lenten six weeks with fasting.

Many will be watching the parades from inside, possibly viewing them through window shadings like Hunter Douglas Silhouettes®, Nantuckets™ and similar products which allow views when the shadings are covering windows. Those blinds have sheers attached to the front and back of vanes, allowing people to enjoy views through the shadings. I’d enjoy being inside watching the craziness and revelry happening outside, especially since cooler weather is in the forecast. There are other shadings that offer similar attributes: Pirouettes®, Luminettes®, Soleras™, Vignettes®, Illusions and Shangri-Las. Insulation with views are benefits of those blinds, sure to be a favorite with our readers.

After those types of shadings have been installed for a while, they may collect debris or bugs in the spaces in between the vanes. The gorgeous light beaming through the shadings is very attractive for people, and pesky insects as well. After clients who purchased Silhouettes® asked so many times, “How do I get the bugs out of my blinds?”, I came up with a safe, easy, inexpensive solution to help them preserve their views and investments in the shadings. CamilyWand™ Sticky Bug Removal Tool™ was born. At CamilyWand™, we have an obligation to inform our readers that this tool is out there for their needs of reaching inaccessible places.

We are grateful for the opportunity to celebrate on our Fat Tuesday. As you prepare for spring beauty, we at Camily, LLC wish you a safe and happy Mardi Gras and Ash Wednesday week!



Tulips, Daffodils are Flowering

Tulips, Daffodils are flowering in many yards now that we are having some occasional spring like weather.

It is such a joy to see the flowering bulbs peeking out of the snow or ground as spring approaches in a few weeks.

As a young bride, I recall planting bulbs in the late fall when it was almost too late to get them in the ground. But in the spring it was so pleasant to see crocuses peeking out of the snow, soon followed by tulips, daffodils, snowdrops and so many other colorful flowers. It was the beginning of a profusion of garden color to follow until the fall frosts.

One of the reasons I enjoy gardening so much is that it is beautiful to see, both when you are sitting nearby having tea, coffee or other drinks or enjoying it as you look outside from inside your home. Some flowers open up when the sun shines on them, and then close at night in the dark. The garden is in constant movement, always a joy to observe.

When the sun is beaming into my windows I enjoy having my Silhouette® Window Shadings covering the glass, and in the open position, so I can see the outdoors and have insulation and UV protection simultaneously. There are many other shadings which offer filtered views and protection at the same time that are in my home, such as Nantuckets™, Pirouettes®, Soleras™, Vignettes®, and Luminettes® by Hunter Douglas; and Illusions and Shangri-Las made by other companies.

They are so light friendly that bugs enjoy them too. They find their way into the shadings from the sides of the blinds, have nice, sunny warmth and stay there. Eventually they need to be removed, and that is when you want to have our CamilyWand™ Sticky Bug Removal Tool™ available to do the task. It is a simple extension pole with a sticky tip, which grabs pesky insects, allowing for easy removal. I keep my Silhouette®s as bug free as possible so I’m able to have bug free views, insulation and privacy all at the same time. My readers and clients do the same, as the shadings are wonderful and we want to keep them that way!

At Camily, we hope you enjoy the last days of February and the beginning of March!








Fun on Presidents Day Weekend

Fun on Presidents Day Weekend was the order of the day for a snowy, beautiful winter during this past week!

Whether or not we had Presidents Day, Monday, February 17th as a holiday, many of us did some fun things to celebrate the day off. One of my friends recently posted a photo of him and his daughter dogsledding near Breckenridge, Colorado. Spending time enjoying the snow either in the mountains or in our own backyards was a great way to get outside, exercise and become energized.

As I searched for an image to use in this blog post, I looked for a photo of Lincoln in various places. At the University of Wisconsin, Madison – my alma mater – there is a statue of Abe Lincoln seated front of our revered Bascom Hall. He looks down a long, grassy, hilly promenade which starts at one end of State Street, the other end a mile away running into the Wisconsin State Capital. Lincoln watches over  a great portion of the University and then looks on toward the Wisconsin government.

I thought a fitting photo would be Abe with Bascom Hall behind him on a spring day with welcome green grass surrounding him; it had great memories for me. But the present photos I found were either of his back looking toward the capital, or with a pumpkin or cheese hat on his head, or of a new graduate sitting on his lap. So the one shown here is from Lincoln’s Memorial in Washington DC – it seems respectful, even though the others were clever~~~

At my home, I have a metal heart sculpture outside of my great room. It looks very nice when snow covered, as I look through my windows toward the Rocky Mountains. It’s always fun to see it sitting outside as I look through my Silhouettes® towards the mountains. When they are covering the glass in my window, (in the down position) and the vanes are open, I’m able to see great views. It is especially fun to see that heart out there, even on days other than Valentines day. The filtered view is great when it is snowy cold outside and I want to see the Rockies.

The Silhouettes® and several other shadings, some from Hunter Douglas, are great at offering filtered views and insulation when they are down covering the window. They have side openings allowing excellent insulation. Inside those openings, the light is wonderful and warm. Debris and bugs are attracted to those openings over time, get inside of the spaces and then are unable to find their way out. They often dry up inside the vanes which are suspended by the front and back sheers, staying there until they are removed.

We invented our CamilyWand™ Sticky Bug Removal Tool™ to solve that problem. After reading why the problem exists, our readers understand exactly what we mean. CamilyWand’s™ construction including a sticky tip on the end does a great job of grabbing anything in its path. It works on window shadings like Nantuckets™, Luminettes®, Vignettes®, Pirouettes®, Soleras™, Illusions, Shangri- Las and others besides the Silhouettes®. It’s other uses throughout the home and garden are  unlimited, only by our imaginations.

We at Camily, LLC  hope you let your imaginations rule as you move through your days, being safe and happy.


Bring Your Valetine Sweet Treats

Bring Your Valentine Sweet Treats in the days and week ahead, giving joy to your heart and soul. During the next week, we’ll be witnessing all types of the Valentine Day celebrations and gift giving thoughts.

Friends will share the day with flowers, treats and many other tokens of love and friendship. Some will enjoy romantic evenings, others will spend time with friends, send gifts of flowers, candy and special greetings and cards. It is a wonderful time to share heartfelt wishes with friends.

Whether you’re having friends in for tea or the heart filled hot chocolate pictured here, coffee or a Valentines Day party,  you’ll want your home to be festive, marking this fun Day. There are many simple ways to celebrate the day, including sharing Valentine Day cards with your friends.

Be sure your home is ready for company, clean and tidy. Many readers have wonderful window shadings or blinds from the Hunter Douglas Silhouette® family.  With those shadings, it would be easy to place a valentine or cupid cut out pieces of paper on the window glass, then lower your blinds (opening them in the sheer position) for you to have a filtered view of your decorations. This is the view-through we speak about when describing Silhouettes®, Nantuckets™, Luminettes®, Pirouettes®, Shangri-Las, Illusions and others.

Many of you know the phenomenon of bugs and debris getting caught in between the vanes of the Silhouettes® and other products because they are attracted to the wonderful light at the window and are able to sneak into the side openings to capture that light. What they cannot do is find their way out. After selling thousands of these types of shadings to my interior design clients, I decided to help my readers and clients by inventing the CamilyWand™ Sticky Bug Removal Tool™ for the purpose of retrieving the debris and pests that become lodged in between the vanes. The CamilyWand™ extension pole with its sticky CamilyTip will grab the debris and remove it from the shading safely, without damaging the blind.

It was designed to help people with a multitude of tasks, throughout your home, office, garden, garage, and even in cars and boats. One reader safely removed aphids from her roses, others have retrieved lightweight objects from behind furniture, high places, between appliances and from fans and chandeliers hanging from the ceiling. Its uses are vast, when used with your good imaginations.

Camily wishes you a heartfelt Valentines Day, and for you to enjoy your celebrations!




Parties: Friends Gather for Super Bowl Sunday Celebration

Super Bowl Sunday is coming this weekend – February 2nd, 2014. The Seattle Seahawks and Denver Broncos will be playing for the 2014 title and trophy.

Football frenzy is happening this week in preparation for Super Bowl XLVIII on Sunday. Denver has a special celebration each day this week, the Broncos and Seahawks are in Greater New York practising for the game.

Many of you know me as a Die Hard Green Bay Packer Fan. After learning the game of football from Vince Lombardi in the last World Championship win in 1966 and the first 2 Super Bowl wins in 1967 and 1968, it is impossible to switch allegiance. However, Broncoland is my home now; so I’ll be embracing the Broncos this Sunday. The awesome story of Peyton Manning’s “return” to the game after his injuries, is an amazing feat. We are all proud to have him as part of the Denver Broncos and wish him luck on Sunday. The Elway-Manning team has had a great winning season, rewarding the Broncos the AFC Championship.

Whether you’re going to a Super Bowl party or hosting one, your goodies will be ready for your parties. Your company will have arrived, it’ll be time to sit down to enjoy the game and the commercial breaks. Your friends and our readers will be wearing their team colors. It will be a great game and time for the culmination of the 2013 Football Season. Holiday atmosphere prevails.

Many of you have window treatments which include blinds and draperies as part of your rooms. Some of you have Silhouette® window shadings: a type of “blind” which has sheers on the front and back of a vane suspended between them. The benefits of this type of shading are great. Readers enjoy a filtered view, some privacy and insulation when the shading is covering the glass and used with the vanes in the open position. Because of those benefits, many of you have them or similar Hunter Douglas products, such as Nantuckets™, Luminettes®, Pirouettes®, Vignettes® and Soleras™, in your homes. Other manufacturers make Illusions and Shangri-Las that give similar effects.

The Silhouettes®, Nantuckets™, Pirouettes® and Soleras™ in particular, have the ability to provide iridescent lighting in your homes, a huge attraction for our readers. When the blinds have been hanging for awhile, they often will collect bugs and debris, as the insects are drawn into the side openings of the shadings because of the life giving energy of light,  and cannot get out.

In my long time Design practice, I have sold thousands of those products, and invented a solution to Sticky Bug Removal. It is the CamilyWand™ Sticky Bug Removal Tool™, which is composed of a perpetually sticky CamilyTip and extension pole. It is a marvelous, easy way to remove bugs or debris from blinds and other hard to reach, high and inaccessible places. I find that it is important to have it readily available in my home, as I never know when a bug will get into the shading, and it should be removed as soon as possible. So it is good for you and your friends to have the CamilyWand™ on hand, to use as needed—

We at Camily, LLC hope you have a wonderful Super Bowl weekend, are safe and happy!