Brilliant Fall Colors Warm our Hearts

Brilliant Fall Colors Warm our Hearts during late summer and early autumn. The changes in the air when our temperatures fall, the leaves putting on their most brilliant colorful show prepare us for the cooler temperatures and cuddly warmth during fall days.

How fortunate we all are to live in places where we are able to enjoy such beauty and fall bounty as we move from summer to winter. The changing colors in our landscapes, wherever you live, are an awe inspiring gift from Mother Nature, which we treasure as we move through our daily activities. So many scenes are so beautiful, I feel that fall is a glorious season to enjoy.

Many of our readers are preparing for cooler temperatures. We are having a balmy fall in Colorado this year, but we also remember blizzards in October in past years! I hope to move some plants to other, more appropriate areas in the garden this weekend, as we will enjoy temperatures in the high 70’s. Unheard of summer like weather here in late October.

As we prepare for the coming cooler temperatures, we are spending more times in our homes. One friend was preparing for a nor’easter storm in her New England home this week with a beautiful fire in her fireplace. I enjoy that feeling, too. In my home I have Silhouette® Window Shadings from Hunter Douglas on 2 large windows flanking my fireplace. The wood is stacked and ready to light for that first fire of the fall. It will happen soon here, even though we’ll have summer-like temperatures this weekend.

Having some warm days will allow me to keep the windows open and get some last minute fall cleaning chores completed. The Silhouettes® tend to collect bugs and debris in the open spaces between the vanes, and I plan to take time to remove them with our invention, the CamilyWand™ Sticky Bug Removal Tool™. Because our CamilyTip is perpetually tacky when kept clean, it will be wonderful to use our CamilyWand™ to get the pesky insects out of the Silhouettes® ( or Nantuckets™), so I’ll be able to preserve my view while enjoying fires and snowfalls to come.

We hope you will be able to catch up on those fall tidying up chores in your homes and offer our CamilyWand™ tool to help you reach inaccessible places, to remove debris and light weight objects. You’ll find it wonderful to have in your home improvement selection of tools.

At Camily, LLC, we wish your a wonderful fall season, feeling gratitude for the upcoming bounty we’ll enjoy.