Tulips, Daffodils are Flowering

Tulips, Daffodils are flowering in many yards now that we are having some occasional spring like weather.

It is such a joy to see the flowering bulbs peeking out of the snow or ground as spring approaches in a few weeks.

As a young bride, I recall planting bulbs in the late fall when it was almost too late to get them in the ground. But in the spring it was so pleasant to see crocuses peeking out of the snow, soon followed by tulips, daffodils, snowdrops and so many other colorful flowers. It was the beginning of a profusion of garden color to follow until the fall frosts.

One of the reasons I enjoy gardening so much is that it is beautiful to see, both when you are sitting nearby having tea, coffee or other drinks or enjoying it as you look outside from inside your home. Some flowers open up when the sun shines on them, and then close at night in the dark. The garden is in constant movement, always a joy to observe.

When the sun is beaming into my windows I enjoy having my Silhouette® Window Shadings covering the glass, and in the open position, so I can see the outdoors and have insulation and UV protection simultaneously. There are many other shadings which offer filtered views and protection at the same time that are in my home, such as Nantuckets™, Pirouettes®, Soleras™, Vignettes®, and Luminettes® by Hunter Douglas; and Illusions and Shangri-Las made by other companies.

They are so light friendly that bugs enjoy them too. They find their way into the shadings from the sides of the blinds, have nice, sunny warmth and stay there. Eventually they need to be removed, and that is when you want to have our CamilyWand™ Sticky Bug Removal Tool™ available to do the task. It is a simple extension pole with a sticky tip, which grabs pesky insects, allowing for easy removal. I keep my Silhouette®s as bug free as possible so I’m able to have bug free views, insulation and privacy all at the same time. My readers and clients do the same, as the shadings are wonderful and we want to keep them that way!

At Camily, we hope you enjoy the last days of February and the beginning of March!








Fun on Presidents Day Weekend

Fun on Presidents Day Weekend was the order of the day for a snowy, beautiful winter during this past week!

Whether or not we had Presidents Day, Monday, February 17th as a holiday, many of us did some fun things to celebrate the day off. One of my friends recently posted a photo of him and his daughter dogsledding near Breckenridge, Colorado. Spending time enjoying the snow either in the mountains or in our own backyards was a great way to get outside, exercise and become energized.

As I searched for an image to use in this blog post, I looked for a photo of Lincoln in various places. At the University of Wisconsin, Madison – my alma mater – there is a statue of Abe Lincoln seated front of our revered Bascom Hall. He looks down a long, grassy, hilly promenade which starts at one end of State Street, the other end a mile away running into the Wisconsin State Capital. Lincoln watches over  a great portion of the University and then looks on toward the Wisconsin government.

I thought a fitting photo would be Abe with Bascom Hall behind him on a spring day with welcome green grass surrounding him; it had great memories for me. But the present photos I found were either of his back looking toward the capital, or with a pumpkin or cheese hat on his head, or of a new graduate sitting on his lap. So the one shown here is from Lincoln’s Memorial in Washington DC – it seems respectful, even though the others were clever~~~

At my home, I have a metal heart sculpture outside of my great room. It looks very nice when snow covered, as I look through my windows toward the Rocky Mountains. It’s always fun to see it sitting outside as I look through my Silhouettes® towards the mountains. When they are covering the glass in my window, (in the down position) and the vanes are open, I’m able to see great views. It is especially fun to see that heart out there, even on days other than Valentines day. The filtered view is great when it is snowy cold outside and I want to see the Rockies.

The Silhouettes® and several other shadings, some from Hunter Douglas, are great at offering filtered views and insulation when they are down covering the window. They have side openings allowing excellent insulation. Inside those openings, the light is wonderful and warm. Debris and bugs are attracted to those openings over time, get inside of the spaces and then are unable to find their way out. They often dry up inside the vanes which are suspended by the front and back sheers, staying there until they are removed.

We invented our CamilyWand™ Sticky Bug Removal Tool™ to solve that problem. After reading why the problem exists, our readers understand exactly what we mean. CamilyWand’s™ construction including a sticky tip on the end does a great job of grabbing anything in its path. It works on window shadings like Nantuckets™, Luminettes®, Vignettes®, Pirouettes®, Soleras™, Illusions, Shangri- Las and others besides the Silhouettes®. It’s other uses throughout the home and garden are  unlimited, only by our imaginations.

We at Camily, LLC  hope you let your imaginations rule as you move through your days, being safe and happy.


Olympics Making Athletes Realize Dreams

Olympics Making Athletes Realize Dreams this week is such a wonderful positive event for the world audience witness. We are fortunate to be able to see the amazing athletes perform in Sochi, Russia during these few weeks.


Some of our favorite athletes are realizing their dreams during these Olympic games in Sochi, shining for the entire world as they compete. Though she competes in the Summer Olympics, I enjoyed Maria Sharipova leading the Russian Torch Bearers into the stadium at the Opening Celebrations. The talent level is extreme, and the perseverance and discipline to get to that high level of performance is amazing. From all of the varied sports and homes of the athletes, we all seem to find some way to connect to the action of the games.

Our evenings and weekends find us gathering in our family and great rooms to see the performances, some on ice and some on snow. I’m amazed by the technicality of all of the sports, whether they are team or individual competitions. We like to enjoy the games with parties and meals around our televisions, taking time to relax.

We have our homes and rooms prepared for game time by keeping them clean and tidy. Our window treatments are important assets to our rooms and they should be as clean and dust/debris free as possible. Many readers have beautiful Silhouette® type window shadings, made by Hunter Douglas. They allow views through their sheer fabrics when the blinds are covering the glass and the suspended vanes are in the “open” position. The light streaming through the window attracts bugs and debris, as they are able enter through the side openings of the shadings. They love the warmth, and aren’t able to find their way out of the openings. So they dry up and stay there.

Lynn, our longtime interior designer, invented a tool that would stick to debris lodged in inaccessible places, like the Silhouette® and similar types of blinds. It is our CamilyWand™Sticky Bug Removal Tool™, comprised of an extension pole and perpetually sticky tip (when kept clean). It safely removes the pesky insects from window shadings like Silhouettes®, Nantuckets™, Pirouettes®, Luminettes®, Vignettes®, Soleras™, Illusions and Shangri-Las, leaving your “blinds” looking fresh and new with an easy, quick way to solve the problem.

We recommend that our readers, designers and commercial blind cleaning companies keep our CamilyWand ™ on hand to handle that blind emergency that could happen right before a dinner party, or Olympic game get together at our homes. It only takes seconds to remove insects that could damage your window shadings if left in between the vanes. They are available at our shop page on this website or by phoning Lynn at 719-598-1018.

We here at Camily, LLC hope you have a wonderful time enjoying the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia and your Valentines Day!




Bring Your Valetine Sweet Treats

Bring Your Valentine Sweet Treats in the days and week ahead, giving joy to your heart and soul. During the next week, we’ll be witnessing all types of the Valentine Day celebrations and gift giving thoughts.

Friends will share the day with flowers, treats and many other tokens of love and friendship. Some will enjoy romantic evenings, others will spend time with friends, send gifts of flowers, candy and special greetings and cards. It is a wonderful time to share heartfelt wishes with friends.

Whether you’re having friends in for tea or the heart filled hot chocolate pictured here, coffee or a Valentines Day party,  you’ll want your home to be festive, marking this fun Day. There are many simple ways to celebrate the day, including sharing Valentine Day cards with your friends.

Be sure your home is ready for company, clean and tidy. Many readers have wonderful window shadings or blinds from the Hunter Douglas Silhouette® family.  With those shadings, it would be easy to place a valentine or cupid cut out pieces of paper on the window glass, then lower your blinds (opening them in the sheer position) for you to have a filtered view of your decorations. This is the view-through we speak about when describing Silhouettes®, Nantuckets™, Luminettes®, Pirouettes®, Shangri-Las, Illusions and others.

Many of you know the phenomenon of bugs and debris getting caught in between the vanes of the Silhouettes® and other products because they are attracted to the wonderful light at the window and are able to sneak into the side openings to capture that light. What they cannot do is find their way out. After selling thousands of these types of shadings to my interior design clients, I decided to help my readers and clients by inventing the CamilyWand™ Sticky Bug Removal Tool™ for the purpose of retrieving the debris and pests that become lodged in between the vanes. The CamilyWand™ extension pole with its sticky CamilyTip will grab the debris and remove it from the shading safely, without damaging the blind.

It was designed to help people with a multitude of tasks, throughout your home, office, garden, garage, and even in cars and boats. One reader safely removed aphids from her roses, others have retrieved lightweight objects from behind furniture, high places, between appliances and from fans and chandeliers hanging from the ceiling. Its uses are vast, when used with your good imaginations.

Camily wishes you a heartfelt Valentines Day, and for you to enjoy your celebrations!




Parties: Friends Gather for Super Bowl Sunday Celebration

Super Bowl Sunday is coming this weekend – February 2nd, 2014. The Seattle Seahawks and Denver Broncos will be playing for the 2014 title and trophy.

Football frenzy is happening this week in preparation for Super Bowl XLVIII on Sunday. Denver has a special celebration each day this week, the Broncos and Seahawks are in Greater New York practising for the game.

Many of you know me as a Die Hard Green Bay Packer Fan. After learning the game of football from Vince Lombardi in the last World Championship win in 1966 and the first 2 Super Bowl wins in 1967 and 1968, it is impossible to switch allegiance. However, Broncoland is my home now; so I’ll be embracing the Broncos this Sunday. The awesome story of Peyton Manning’s “return” to the game after his injuries, is an amazing feat. We are all proud to have him as part of the Denver Broncos and wish him luck on Sunday. The Elway-Manning team has had a great winning season, rewarding the Broncos the AFC Championship.

Whether you’re going to a Super Bowl party or hosting one, your goodies will be ready for your parties. Your company will have arrived, it’ll be time to sit down to enjoy the game and the commercial breaks. Your friends and our readers will be wearing their team colors. It will be a great game and time for the culmination of the 2013 Football Season. Holiday atmosphere prevails.

Many of you have window treatments which include blinds and draperies as part of your rooms. Some of you have Silhouette® window shadings: a type of “blind” which has sheers on the front and back of a vane suspended between them. The benefits of this type of shading are great. Readers enjoy a filtered view, some privacy and insulation when the shading is covering the glass and used with the vanes in the open position. Because of those benefits, many of you have them or similar Hunter Douglas products, such as Nantuckets™, Luminettes®, Pirouettes®, Vignettes® and Soleras™, in your homes. Other manufacturers make Illusions and Shangri-Las that give similar effects.

The Silhouettes®, Nantuckets™, Pirouettes® and Soleras™ in particular, have the ability to provide iridescent lighting in your homes, a huge attraction for our readers. When the blinds have been hanging for awhile, they often will collect bugs and debris, as the insects are drawn into the side openings of the shadings because of the life giving energy of light,  and cannot get out.

In my long time Design practice, I have sold thousands of those products, and invented a solution to Sticky Bug Removal. It is the CamilyWand™ Sticky Bug Removal Tool™, which is composed of a perpetually sticky CamilyTip and extension pole. It is a marvelous, easy way to remove bugs or debris from blinds and other hard to reach, high and inaccessible places. I find that it is important to have it readily available in my home, as I never know when a bug will get into the shading, and it should be removed as soon as possible. So it is good for you and your friends to have the CamilyWand™ on hand, to use as needed—

We at Camily, LLC hope you have a wonderful Super Bowl weekend, are safe and happy!






Super Bowl Teams Bring Excitement

Our Denver Broncos Super Bowl Bound team treated us to a great exciting AFC Championship game on Sunday.

Peyton Manning is sporting his brand new shirt of the AFC champs in this confetti filled photograph. Congratulations to their success. Our last football games of the season always display great plays, and fun action filled entertainment. Regardless of our home loyalties to different teams, we embrace the Super Bowl experience and treat it as if it were another “holiday.”

Super Bowl parties happen in many readers homes; we make great snacks, wear our favorite teams jerseys and colors and always have a nice time rooting for our teams with our friends. We have our homes looking their best, with everything clean and ready for entertaining your guests at your parties.

Many of our readers have wonderful window treatments in their homes, including Silhouettes® , Pirouettes®, and Nantuckets™ by Hunter Douglas on their windows. These shadings have views and insulation at the same time, when the shadings are covering the glass and in the open position. These blinds offer such gorgeous see through views of our landscapes with the varied lighting throughout the day that insects get into the vane openings and cannot find their way out.

Lynn, the owner of Camily, LLC,  was bothered that she sold so many of those shadings, and did not have a safe way to suggest removal of the bugs and debris from Silhouette® and similar blinds for her clients. So she invented the CamilyWand™ Sticky Bug Removal Tool™ to address the problem of bug removal and why it happened. The CamilyWand™, with it’s sticky CamilyTip on the end of the pole, has proven to be a valued tool among owners of these wonderful shadings and blinds.

Readers and friends who have these blinds do online searches and order their products from us daily, so we feel blessed that we are able to provide such an excellent solution for them. Other blinds which also collect bugs and debris are Vignettes®, Luminettes®, Soleras™, Shangri-Las, and Illusions. Our tool also reaches inaccessible places to remove light weight objects, and webs from ceilings, lighting fixtures and other hard to reach places.

We at Camily, LLC hope you enjoy your upcoming Super Bowl and are safe.




Skiers, Snowboarders, Skaters Prepare for Sochi Olympics

Skiers, Snowboarders, Skaters Prepare for their Winter Games,  coming in February 2014 Sochi, Russia.

The people of Sochi are building a “new” city to accommodate the 2014 Winter Olympic games as athletes make their final preparations to attend the games. Athletes all over the world have been training for years and often the better parts of their lives for these games. We’ll see the best of the best competing at tremendously high levels for Medals their sports.

We’ll be watching the competitions  in our homes to see the athletes and sports that interest us and enjoying seeing the athletes’ excellence in mind and body.  Their training and coaching is truly amazing, making it thrilling to see them compete.

As we watch, many of our readers will enjoy their living and family rooms where they often watch TV.  Their rooms will look their best, be warm and toasty, keeping the winter chill away. One great way to do that is to have your window shades or coverings closed or down to keep good insulation in our homes.

Many of you are aware that the Silhouette® Window Shadings are able to insulate rooms when people look to the outside through the back and front sheers of the blinds. The vanes which are suspended between the sheers , when in the horizontal position , allow a filtered view, where  there is insulation from the cold or heat. Views are preserved and the cold (winter) or heat ( summer) is kept outside. 

Silhouettes® are manufactured by Hunter Douglas for their unique beauty and insulative properties which  provide  filtered views through the shadings. They also manufacture Nantuckets™,  Luminettes ®, Vignettes®, Pirouettes®, and Soleras™ which have some similar properties. Some of the shadings made by other manufacturers are Illusions, and Shangri – Las.

The larger side openings and  beautiful iridescence from the light refraction attract debris and bugs into the openings of many of those shadings. We, at Camily, LLC, realized that it is a very improtant issue that needed to be addressed, so we invented  our CamilyWand™ Sticky Bug Removal Tool™. It’s perpetually sticky CamilyTip latches onto bugs and debris anywhere, so unwanted insects are able to be removed easily.

As we continue through our winter and prepare for spring, CamilyWand™ is a great, handy general “cleaning” and bug removal tool to have on hand. It’s versatility has no bounds for reaching inaccessible, hard to reach and high places.

We at Camily wish you a continued safe winter and comfort in your homes!


Beautiful Snow brings Cozy Hot Cocoa and Cheery Fires

Beautiful Snow brings Cozy Hot Cocoa and Cheery Fires for those nippy days when Mother Nature blesses us with snow.

In the Northern Hemisphere, we seem to be having snow earlier this season than we’ve had in other years. Some storms are mind boggling and others only require a little sweeping to get out. We at Camily use tricks to be cheery inside our homes when our temperatures dip, and the snow comes down, giving us peace when it is so cold outside.

Keep you and your homes safe when the temperatures dip to record lows. Enjoy a fire in your fireplace, if you still have your Christmas tree up, keep it a little longer to enjoy the warmth it provides mentally. Add some indoor plants. Use lighting effectively and liberally to keep your spirits high. If you have window shadings like Silhouettes®, Nantuckets™, Luminettes®, Pirouettes® or Vignettes® or Soleras™ by Hunter Douglas that are fabrics, cover your glass even during the day to save energy in your home. That will provide mental warmth and save energy.

The Silhouettes® have  “S” type vanes suspended between front and back sheers, allowing people inside to see the outside. When the vanes are in the open position, our readers gain the heat retention in their homes and see their beautiful views, day or night. Those of you  who have these types of window shadings save on their heating bills in the winter. The shadings allow a filtered view during the day and night.

Often as our readers enjoy the light and views through the shadings, debris and bugs find their way into the sides of the Silhouettes® and the other shades. They cannot escape by themselves, so we need to remove them. We invented our CamilyWand™ Sticky Bug Removal Tool™ to help readers do exactly that. Its sticky tip easliy grabs the debris, little insects and bugs, making their removal easy. Your views are then preserved and your shadings protected. Our CamilyWand™ will grab anything in high and hard to reach places.

We here at Camily, LLC wish you safety during this terribly cold time and a very Happy 2014!






Angels We have Heard on High, Singing Sweetly

Angels We have Heard on High, Singing Sweetly, are words from a  favorite Christmas Carol. We believe in angels, especially during the holidays when they seem to be present everywhere.

This angelic looking cloud is a beautiful symbol from Mother Nature, indicating that Angels are with us anywhere and anytime. The holidays always accentuate angels, and it is a great time to reflect on all the good in our lives. We are blessed with unlimited opportunities and are grateful for them as we move throughout our days.

We enjoyed the Christmas holiday yesterday, those in other countries have Boxing Day today and our New Year celebration will be here in 6 days. It is a wonderful time for these holidays, winter breaks, exotic vacations and parties with family and friends in our homes.  We make that special dish, bake wonderful treats, and prepare our homes for company who are invited over or dropping by to enjoy some comraderie and relaxing time. Our homes are festive, warm and looking their best for the occasion.

One of the ways we get our homes in great condition is to be sure things are clean and ready for guests. Some readers are fortunate to have Silhouette® shadings in their homes, and some of those may have collected debris or bugs over time. Our CamilyWand™ Sticky Bug Removal Tool™ is perfect for attaching its sticky CamilyTip to those pesky insects that lodge themselves in between the vanes of the Silhouettes® – and other products, such as Nantuckets™, Luminettes®, Pirouettes®, Vignettes® and Soleras™, manufactured by Hunter Douglas. Other companies produce similar shadings that benefit from our tool also.

CamilyWand™ is a simple tool that will make your cleaning chores easier and your bug removal quicker and safer to manage. When our CamilyTip is covered with dust and debris, it is washable and reusable. It is a great tool capable of removing dust, debris, cobwebs, etc from high and inaccessible places. It will also “pick up” light weight objects from behind furniture, in between appliances, from hard to access places like cars and boat engines, and a myriad of other places.

We offer you our CamilyWand™ to make your debris removal chores easier, safer for your blinds. Spending a small amount of time to get rid of the insects wherever they are in your homes and shadings is time well spent. You have then protected your filtered views through your elegant Silhouette® or similar shadings and your investment in them in a very easy manner, giving you more time to entertain and enjoy your homes during the holidays.

At Camily, LLC, we wish you a happy, safe and prosperous Holiday Season and Wonderful New Year!




Believe in the Beauty, Majesty of Christmas

Majesty and Beauty of Christmas time is always a reminder of our treasured beliefs. This gorgeous church in Val Gardena, Italy is a perfect setting to confirm our holiday beliefs.

During our Holiday Times, people are kinder, more generous and giving and more forgiving with their friends and family. We celebrate our religious beliefs, visit with people we don’t see as often as others and rejoice in friendships and comradery during this festive season.

We celebrate our blessings, show our gratitude and give meaningful gifts to our loved ones and friends near and far.

At CamilyWand™, we have been blessed with over 5 years of helping people with unusual “cleaning” dilemmas for Silhouette® owners and those people who need to grab items from inaccessible and high places. Because beautiful window shadings made by Hunter Douglas and other companies collect bugs and debris within the vanes, we are gratified that we have the opportunity to serve those shading owners in having a tool available to them for this bug removal. It also works on Nantuckets™, Luminettes®, Pirouettes®, Vignettes®, and Soleras™ as well as products manufactured by other companies. Silhouette® and other shadings owners have an easy, quick way to keep their views bug free and protect their investments in keeping their blinds clean.  Our readers and clients are very grateful that we invented and have our CamilyWand™ available to them.

As we continue to grow and increase our sales in other continents like Australia and Europe, we strive to please our readers and friends in keeping their living areas free of debris and bugs. Our tool also reaches so many other inaccessible places, it has become an invaluable tool for home maintenance. It’s perpetually sticky CamilyTip , when kept clean, is able to attach itself to dust, debris and lightweight objects from high places, ceiling fans, lighting fixtures, between appliances and behind heavy furniture and many other places, allowing for easy removal.

When we count our blessings here at Camily, we are very grateful to be able to serve our friends and readers who need and want our CamilyWand™. Thank you for your support now and in coming years.

We wish you the Happiest of Holidays during this festive season, enjoying safe times with family and friends.




































































Cheerful Snowmen Warm our Hearts

Building snowmen with heavy, wet snow has always been a fun winter pastime for those of us who live in snowy climates.

Growing up in Wisconsin, most of our snowfalls were moisture laden. We were able to make huge snowmen in our front and backyards with little or no effort, except for being able to roll the snow into large snowballs. Making snow angels, building snow forts, snowshoeing, skiing, sledding and snowmobiling were always fun ways to enjoy a beautiful, sparkly winter day.  And then coming inside to a cozy warm fire after all of that exercise in the snow was wonderful.

I feel the same way now when I’m able to shovel or sweep the snow on a mild snowy day. Mother Nature’s beauty with the sparkling snow crystals never ceases to amaze me. Even today with our terribly low temperatures, the sparkling, crystal snow was fascinating.

Coming inside after outside fun is a treat to warm up. Many of us have learned that the window shadings have insulation values which help improve the energy efficiency of our homes. If  you have Silhouettes® or similar shadings in your windows, you will be able to see views through the shadings if the vanes are open, or if closed, will enjoy the same insulative value. Many different styles of blinds, such as Nantuckets™, Luminettes®, Pirouettes®, Vignettes® and Soleras™, manufactured by Hunter Douglas, will benefit from using our CamilyWand™.

Our CamilyWand™ Sticky Bug Removal Tool™ is designed to quickly grab and remove pesky bugs from between the vanes of many shadings like Silhouettes®. Its sticky CamilyTip attaches to the offending insects, easily and safely removing them from your shadings. Then your beautiful views are preserved and you’re able to get the benefit of insulation, filtered privacy and views at the same time. It’s a wonderful tool keep your shadings in great condition for your family and the parties you and your friends will enjoy!

Our Camily family hopes you are enjoying a safe and Happy Holiday time!


Sunshine Sparkles, Energizes our Lives

December holidays, winter snows and wonderful, thankful days are ahead. The famous Dallas Divide is our snowy photograph from the San Juan Mountains near the Sneffels range in the southwest corner of Colorado. That is of our most scenic areas in the Rocky Mountains.

This week our Rockies, both in the Mountains and the rest of Colorado are getting much needed moisture from the snowfalls. Ski areas are hopping. As much of the country is experiencing, we are also seeing extremely low temperatures. People are staying inside their homes except for emergencies or snow sport activities. We’re preparing for our holiday festivities by baking, cleaning, and decorating for parties. This is the time for cuddling around fireplaces and enjoying the snow falling outside our windows. We want our shadings to be bug free, so we are able to enjoy those views.

One of our cleaning chores is making certain that we have removed the bugs and debris from our window shadings like Silhouettes® and Nantuckets™ from Hunter Douglas. They also have manufactured, trademarked or registered Pirouettes®, Luminettes® , Vignettes® , and Soleras, which also have side openings, where bugs and debris are able to enter the spaces between the vanes or folds. The pesky critters enjoy the sunshine and iridescence that appears when the sun shines through the open vanes.

We have developed and manufacture our CamilyWand™ Sticky Bug Removal Tool™ for the purpose of reaching bugs and debris from inaccessible places, like the Silhouette® shadings. It is an easy to use tool with a sticky tip on the end, allowing it to grab lightweight insects and debris from many areas of our homes. We suggest that you have it on hand, as the bugs show up at any time and are difficult to remove. We have clients all over the world who love our tool, sing it’s praises and are able to use it on short notice when needed.

Here at Camily, we are wishing you all a wonderful holiday season as you prepare your homes for celebrations or travel to see friends and loved ones.





Gratitude, Blessings Celebrated on Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Day is a time to celebrate our blessings and gratitude for all the wonderful moments we have in our lives.

We are so fortunate to live in a wonderful, free country, where we have abundance and infinite opportunities available to all of us. We make choices everyday that affect our lives and those of others as we celebrate the bounty of Thanksgiving. We value the kindness and love that abounds during our holiday season.

At CamilyWand™, we thank you for all of the wonderful opportunities you have given us.  Our business continues to grow thanks to all of our readers who purchase and use our CamilyWand Sticky Bug Removal Tool ™ on their Silhouette® window shadings. Those blinds, as well as many others manufactured by Hunter Douglas, have longer lives because we are fortunate enough to help the shading owners protect their investments.

We at Camily wish you a most grateful, blessed and safe Thanksgiving Day!


Share Gratitude for Nature’s Bounty, Beauty

Gratitude for our beautiful fall and nature’s bounty is overwhelming this year – it has been such a warm, glorious fall!

We have had unseasonably warm temperatures this fall in Colorado – such a blessing for us to enjoy. Leaves are still on some of the trees – even into November. Gorgeous reds of maples, yellows and golds of aspens and some still green leaves waiting to fall. Such beauty is awe inspiring.

When we  enjoy our surroundings, we have time to be grateful for everything we are given. We have fall harvests with bounty for our tables, gorgeous scenery to enjoy while we go through our days and natures bounty surrounding us all the time. It’s a time for us to treasure being able to live in such wonderful places in the USA.

We don’t have to be outside to enjoy our surroundings. There are many window shading products on the market that allow us to have them in the down position, or covering the window and still get views along with energy efficiency and privacy during the daylight hours. This is especially helpful as we move forward with less sun in our daylight hours. Having the shadings down, being able to see the views and enjoying the insides of our homes for the holidays is very special.

We want to keep our shadings and blinds debris and bug free so our views are nice and unobstructed. Our CamilyWand™Sticky Bug Removal Tool™ does a wonderful job of grabbing onto those pesky insects with its perpetually sticky CamilyTip, and then easily and safely removes them. It is a “brilliant” tool according to one of our European readers.

Designed for Silhouette® shadings by Hunter Douglas, it also works on some of their other products, such as Nantuckets™, Pirouettes®, Luminettes®, Vignettes®, and Soleras™. Other companies make similar shadings like Shangri-Las, and Illusions. It has other applications in reaching inaccessible places such as crown moldings at ceilings, fans, lighting fixtures and chandeliers. It also retrieves lightweight items like papers and jewelry from behind furniture or appliances.

CamilyWand™ is a great tool to have around your homes; I’m often surprised what tasks it will accomplish when there is nothing else that comes to mind. You’ll enjoy your homes and unobstructed views through your window shadings like Silhouettes® when they are bug and debris free. Then you’ll be ready for your upcoming holidays and entertaining.

We at CamilyWand™ wish you the safest and best holiday season.






Veterans Day Parades, Patriotic Flags

Our recent Veterans Day celebrated all of our Armed Forces members efforts in protecting our countries’ freedom.

We honored our Veterans with parades and ceremonies this week, thanking them for their service and their places of honor in our lives.  We have memorials throughout the country to celebrate these brave men and women who fought for us and thousands who paid the ultimate sacrifice. I’m humbled by the many efforts people are taking to facilitate travel for many still surviving World War II Veterans to see the WWII Memorial in Washington DC. My late Father was given a special trip  by relatives to see that memorial and was thrilled to visit it while he was alive.

Parades and functions happened over this past weekend celebrating this wonderful day of recognition.  Seeing the proud veterans is always a poignant sight. We are grateful for their efforts, service and never forget to honor them. Weekly, in Colorado Springs, we have reminders of our freedoms when our military forces return home after deployments overseas; children are reunited with their parents, men may see their newborn babies for the first time. We have our precious freedom protected by these brave soldiers, and need to remember that as we go through our days.

Being grateful for our freedoms is very important to the American Dream. We have wonderful opportunities here in the US and are able to have very nice homes to enjoy. This time of year, with holidays coming quickly, we are preparing for parties, celebrations and times with friends and family.

An important preparation is cleaning, dusting and removing bugs and debris from our window shadings. Many readers use our CamilyWand Sticky Bug Removal Tool™ for removing debris and bugs from their blinds and shadings, such as Silhouettes® and similar shadings manufactured by Hunter Douglas and other companies. Other brands of products where our CamilyWand™ works beautifully are Nantuckets™, Pirouettes®, Luminettes®, Vignettes®, Soleras™, Illusions, and Shangri-Las. They are  made by various companies such as  Smith+Noble,  Allen+Roth, and Comfortex.

Keeping your shadings free of bugs and debris is very important.  A serious concern is damage that can occur when the bugs and debris are left in the openings and between the fabrics when your shading rolls up and down. They become squished and may leave permanent spots behind on the shade fabric. The benefits of these shadings outweigh this issue. You have filtered views of your landscapes, outdoors and changing seasons, while having very good insulation and privacy at the same time. Energy savings at your windows with these benefits are very important for our environment.

As you enjoy your holiday season, keep our CamilyWand™ handy to grab the debris in your shadings, and remove unsightly webs from inaccessible places like light fixtures, chandeliers, fans, fabric window treatments, behind furniture and appliances, and many other creative things you can imagine.

We here at CamilyWand™ wish you happy and safe upcoming holiday times as you’ve prepared for great gatherings with family and friends.



Cheery Fires, Hot Chocolate, S’Mores Warm Our Evenings

Warm November fires in the hearth, bright flames bringing cheerful light into our homes, is a warm way to start our holidays.

Longer evenings lend themselves to nurturing activities, like sitting around the fireplace for parties and time with friends and families. Such warm and welcoming rooms bring a peace and warmth to our lives like none other. Fireplaces with crackling noises as logs burn, bring such mesmerizing thoughts and dreamy times.

When the sun goes down, we often close our window shadings, as others are able to see into our homes because we see where the light “is” or originates. In the daytime, people do not see “into” our windows from the outside as it is lighter outside with the sunshine. At night, the reverse happens. It is dark outside so people are able to see into our homes if the shadings are left open and the lights are on.  It feels warmer in our living spaces if the blinds or shades are down or covering the glass.

Many of us have the extremely versatile Silhouette® family of shadings, manufactured by Hunter Douglas, in our homes. They provide views in the day or night, insulation and privacy when they are covering the window. When they are down, we enjoy filtered views through the shadings, substantial energy savings and privacy. The light giving energy refreshes our spirit as we enjoy our days.

Light is an attraction for us and little flies, moths, bugs and debris. The openings on the side of the Silhouettes®. Pirouettes®, Nantuckets™, Luminettes®, Vignettes® Soleras™, Illusions, Shangri-Las and many other blinds allow bugs to fly into the vane openings, often dying there as they can’t find their way out. We invented the CamilyWand™ Sticky Bug Removal Tool™ to help remove the debris and dried bugs from shadings and other inaccessible places. It is a great multi purpose tool for getting to hard to reach and high spaces. It’s perpetually sticky CamilyTip grabs anything lightweight that I touches.

We manufacture it because there are millions of Silhouette® shadings in North America which naturally attract the pesky insects. We want you to have a beautiful view, your insulation and privacy with your beautiful blinds, not a view of bugs. Please share this with your friends who would like our unique cleaning tool, to either use as a bug removal item or removal of any unsightly debris throughout their homes and offices.

CamilyWand™ wishes you the safest and warmest times for your Holiday Season – we are here to help you!


Halloween Goblins Creeping at Night

Halloween Goblins, Ghosts, Witches – W00000000- SCARY! Watch out this week  as Halloween approaches! Are you ready for trick or treaters?

Last weekend many of us attended Halloween parties and started our little holiday celebration early. Signs of the harvest, pumpkins, gourds, beautiful displays of flowers like Mums, Asters, Kale, Cabbage are decorating home entries and store fronts, celebrating the abundance we enjoy in our lives! Fall color, weather and sun angles are absolutely stunning, a true gift of Mother Nature!

Is your home ready for the bountiful fall season? Have you been spending time preparing comforting foods like zucchini bread, butternut squash soup, pumpkin pies? What a treat we have with our colorful and tasty fall vegetables, after they’ve finished their growing season.

With all the Halloween celebrations, parties, and preparing for the upcoming holidays, is the inside of your home ready for guests and festivities? Have you prepared for our Daylight Savings Time leaving this weekend? I’m scurrying around to get those chores I would usually do in the early evening, done before dinner. We’ll have almost 2 months of longer evenings before the sun starts it’s way  back north towards the Tropic of Cancer a few days before Christmas.

One of my chores is removing the little gnats, bugs, moths and flies that are stuck in the vane openings of my Silhouette®, Pirouette®, Vignette®, Luminette®, Nantucket™ and Solera™ window shadings by Hunter Douglas. Other companies make similarly designed shadings like Illusions & Shangri-La’s which have the same issue. The bugs love the light in all seasons and fly into the vane openings, not realizing they have flown into an area where they are trapped. Bugs loving the light in the shadings is WHY CamilyWand™Sticky Bug Removal Tool™ was invented. Dealers and Designers alike, who sell these shadings, think our CamilyWand™ is great; many of them have our bug removal tool in their stores for their Silhouette® customers and people who want general overall cleaning assistance for their homes.

Light is such a big source of energy, it is important to capture as much in our homes as possible. Since Silhouettes® allow filtered views, owners get light into their living spaces when they have partial privacy, insulation and views simultaneously. Bugs between the vanes are unsightly and could possibly harm the blinds. Our CamilyWand™ resolves the Sticky Bug problem. It will grab light weight objects, bugs and debris from high and inaccessible places as well. Keeping our tool ready for these everyday needs is a great idea!

We, at Camily, hope you have a fun, safe, even if ghoulish, Halloween this year!


Indian Summer, Bobbing for Apples

Does Bobbing for Apples whet your appetite to enjoy our Great Indian Summer weather,  which we’re experiencing now?

Apple pie, Bobbing for apples, and Caramel apples are a few of the fall traditions –  or maybe it is picking a ripe apple from the tree and enjoying a snack. Our photo from the Wisconsin countryside brings back memories or crisp fall days with hay rides, the last of the picnics before cooler weather, upcoming Halloween parties and many other ways to celebrate our harvest season!

With these nice temperatures one day and snow the next, those of us who have already experienced that phenomenon are taking advantage of the warmth to get our homes ready for the holidays. Getting that cleaning touch-up started on nice days is a smart way to plan for holiday gatherings with friends and family.

We at CamilyWand™ encourage you to get a jump on that preparation. Many of you have gorgeous Silhouette® blinds, which may have collected little bugs and debris within the vane opening, leaving an unsightly view through the shadings when they are covering the glass in the open position. To preserve your filtered views through the shadings, allowing insulation and views simultaneously, is why we invented our CamilyWand™ Sticky Bug Removal Tool™ for blind and general cleaning. It is also a useful product for many diverse needs – removing cobwebs from hard to reach places, picking up papers and light weight objects from behind furniture and inaccessible places, removing aphids from roses, retrieving earrings from behind dressers ahd reaching things in your cars that would be difficult to pick up otherwise.

Silhouettes are manufactured by Hunter Douglas, who also makes Luminettes®, Pirouettes®, Vignettes®, Nantuckets™, and Soleras™ which may collect bugs and debris too. Illusions and Shangri-Las are names of similar products made by Comfortex, Smith+Noble, and Allen+ Roth, which have the same basic design and debris issues. Our CamilyWand™ is there to help people who own those products too.

CamilyWand™ is easy to use, preserving your beautiful views through the shadings and improving your home maintenance tasks. We are here to help and assist you in keeping your shadings bug free and your homes in good condition at a moments notice. Having our tool ready when the need arises is our goal for your home’s beauty and maintenance.

CamilyWand™ wishes you a happy end to October and the best for your upcoming celebrations with family and friends.


Octoberfest Parties, Lederhosen and Steins

Fall always brings out parties, festivals and fun in October. Octoberfest celebrations with people wearing lederhosen and dirndl dresses originated in northern Europe.

With Octoberfest celebrations happening in many places, I brought you to our “Switzerland of the Rockies”, to show the European spirit right here in the US. Our gorgeous Aspens are peaking out in front of the San Juan Mountains in Southwest Colorado this fall, allowing us to enjoy the beauty of Magnificent Mother Nature.

Each day during these summer to fall days, the light is changing (as always) and we are seeing marked differences in our vegetation and views. I noticed some leaves on my Lilies of the Valley flowers are going through a lime green phase on their way to their winter rest.

I’ll be watching the autumn colors change through my Silhouette® window shadings, so I’m able to have some insulation against the cooler outside temperatures and still see a filtered view of the outdoors. The reds of Sugar Maples, gold ands yellows of Aspens, and fall flowers are a welcome sight during the fall months. It is the combination of views, some privacy and insulation at the same time, that our CamilyWand™Sticky Bug Removal Tool™ was invented.

It is a tool designed to remove bugs and debris from the inside of the vanes of Hunter Douglas Silhouettes® and products which give similar effects, like Nantuckets™, Pirouettes®, Vignettes,® Luminettes,® and Soleras™. Other companies like Comfortex, Smith+Noble, and Allan+Roth make shadings that serve a similar purpose, such as Illusions and Shangri-Las. They are all designed to capture the energy of our iridescent light, bringing it into our homes. Humans are drawn to that energy and so are bugs, dust and debris. We find ourselves with the task of removing bugs from between the silk-like vanes of those window shadings. Our safe CamilyWand™ easily does the job.

Our readers love our tool and use it for so many chores in their homes, it is good to have it on hand for when the need arises. It’s perpetually sticky CamilyTip ( when clean) will grab webs, light weight particles, papers and almost anything from high and inaccessible places.  Readers are placing orders to have them on hand as we move into the holiday season entertaining time. So we have made CamilyWand™  available at this website on our SHOP page, or you may order by phone using the information from our contact page. We know you will enjoy its benefits throughout the year.

We at CamilyWand™ wish you a safe, fine fall and holiday season as you enjoy the last months of the year.


Indian Summer Brings Barbecues

What great fall and Indian Summer type weather we are having! Our time seems to fly by, so we need to enjoy these colorful fall days!

Football games, family parties, outside activities and barbecues are on our minds. That chicken on the Weber grill  looks so good! It can cook all through a football game, and be ready to eat just as your team wins.  Then you’re able to move to the inside of your home for your meal as the sun drops behind the horizon and the temperatures dip. This is fall at its best.

Fall is also a great time to take advantage of the warm day temperatures to air out our homes, do some fall touch up cleaning and make our homes warm and cozy for the cooler temperatures on their way. With October being such a transitional month, we at CamilyWand™ think it’s a great time to get everything ready for the upcoming holidays.

CamilyWand™ is the answer to retrieving  bugs, dirt and debris which are attracted to light, especially in our window shadings such as Silhouettes® and Nantuckets,™ by Hunter Douglas. Light is an energy source, so we and pesky bugs want to be in the light or have it around us. Bugs often crawl or fly into inaccessible places like the blinds or high corners in rooms. Our tool was invented for that purpose. It is an extension pole with a silicon CamilyTip which is washable and reusable when cared for according to our Care Instructions. It must be clean to grab dust and debris. We know of readers who have picked up papers and earrings from behind heavy furniture, removed aphids from roses, cleaned cobwebs from cornices, ceilings and beams. Its uses are extensive, both inside and outside the home and office.

It works on other window shadings as well: Hunter Douglas Pirouettes®, Luminettes®, and Vignettes® and Soleras™. Other companies, like Allan + Roth,  Smith and Noble, and Comfortex produce products like Shangri-Las, Illusions, and sheer shading products which collect bugs and debris that need to be removed to protect your views and investments.

We are enjoying our cleaning chores with our CamilyWand™. It makes it fun to see where it will work as we move through our fall cleaning. I used the CamilyTip in the bottom rail of my sliding doors and people use it in sliding windows as well. It is flexible enough to fit into many areas, thus its uniqueness and versatility. It seems there are always new ways to use our versatile CamilyWand™.

As you move through your early fall, be safe and enjoy Mother Natures offerings that only appear at this time of year.