Mardi Gras Celebrates Rich Food

Mardi Gras Celebrates Rich Food on the last Tuesday before Lent begins on Ash Wednesday. In the Carnival atmosphere, people dance in the streets, wear masks, jewelry and party the night away – HERE in New Orleans!

Knowing the ritual of the Mardi Gras celebrations, it is always a fun day during the first part of March. I have some Mardi Gras goodies from a trip that my parents made there when I was younger. Mom wore a feather butterfly mask (covering her whole face) along with a sequined baseball cap that was Kelly green, gold and a fuschia purple color. Fit me perfectly – now if I could  just to get to the Big Easy by Tuesday evening! She carried a little matching umbrella and starry wand for the festivities. And beads, beads, beads everywhere.

People didn’t need to be in the middle of all the craziness to enjoy revelry and “The World’s Biggest Party” – according to the residents of New Orleans. They are able to see the people parading through the streets after enjoying their big “Fat Tuesday” dinners, eaten in restaurants in anticipation of the next Lenten six weeks with fasting.

Many will be watching the parades from inside, possibly viewing them through window shadings like Hunter Douglas Silhouettes®, Nantuckets™ and similar products which allow views when the shadings are covering windows. Those blinds have sheers attached to the front and back of vanes, allowing people to enjoy views through the shadings. I’d enjoy being inside watching the craziness and revelry happening outside, especially since cooler weather is in the forecast. There are other shadings that offer similar attributes: Pirouettes®, Luminettes®, Soleras™, Vignettes®, Illusions and Shangri-Las. Insulation with views are benefits of those blinds, sure to be a favorite with our readers.

After those types of shadings have been installed for a while, they may collect debris or bugs in the spaces in between the vanes. The gorgeous light beaming through the shadings is very attractive for people, and pesky insects as well. After clients who purchased Silhouettes® asked so many times, “How do I get the bugs out of my blinds?”, I came up with a safe, easy, inexpensive solution to help them preserve their views and investments in the shadings. CamilyWand™ Sticky Bug Removal Tool™ was born. At CamilyWand™, we have an obligation to inform our readers that this tool is out there for their needs of reaching inaccessible places.

We are grateful for the opportunity to celebrate on our Fat Tuesday. As you prepare for spring beauty, we at Camily, LLC wish you a safe and happy Mardi Gras and Ash Wednesday week!