March Madness Celebrating Wisconsin Hoops

March Madness Celebrating Wisconsin Hoops in the Final Four is a thrill for us Badger Alumni! UW Students, Fans and Alums are excited to see our team make it to the Final Four in the 2014 March Madness.

As a UW Grad and diehard anything Wisconsin fan, its been a joy to watch all of the games with these great, talented players, especially Frank Kaminsky, III.

I was intrigued to learn about his and the teams thoughts regarding the  games and how they translated into life and business. Frank scored 28 points in the Elite Eight game against Arizona on Saturday, March 29. That included 6 in overtime. The win was 64 Badgers vs 63 for Arizona. During the on court interview he talked about playing every minute and point to the best of his ability. Wisconsin now has another 40 minutes this weekend for a berth in the Semi-Finals of the NCAA 2014 Basketball Championships. Frank was thrilled to get another chance at the final win.

During his speech in Anaheim on Saturday, he said ” We’ve all played basketball our whole lives and we’ve all dreamed of going to the Final Four…To actually accomplish that is something I can’t put into words. But we all know we still have a lot of basketball left. We’re going to enjoy this now, but this is business. We want a national championship now. We have made the Final Four, so why not go get it?”


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We at Camily, LLC hope you will note some of the habits of successful people and enjoy your time relaxing with sports or other endeavors this weekend.


March Madness, Hoops, Feature Champions

March Madness, Hoops, feature champions in College Basketball, played like no other sport! We rally around our favorite teams, pick our brackets and generally go a bit crazy during this time of year!

My memories of basketball go back to high school when that was the”big” thing that happened in our High School in the winter months. We all went to the games in Wisconsin Rapids. When our family moved to Madison, we invited our friends who were attending the State Championships to camp out at our home. Very fun times!

Then I went to the University of Wisconsin and it became bigger and better to be a basketball fan. I do have to admit the word “bracketology” is a new one for me. I’m of the era of Magic Johnson and Larry Bird; I don’t remember hearing that one until recently! Does everyone have their bracket sheets filled in? I hope all are my readers are happy with their favorites to win. My 3 year old Granddaughter is working on hers with her Dad and doing it well – what a hoot!

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Camily, LLC and Lynn wish you happy times at whatever you do during this first full week of SPRING.