Believe in the Beauty, Majesty of Christmas

Majesty and Beauty of Christmas time is always a reminder of our treasured beliefs. This gorgeous church in Val Gardena, Italy is a perfect setting to confirm our holiday beliefs.

During our Holiday Times, people are kinder, more generous and giving and more forgiving with their friends and family. We celebrate our religious beliefs, visit with people we don’t see as often as others and rejoice in friendships and comradery during this festive season.

We celebrate our blessings, show our gratitude and give meaningful gifts to our loved ones and friends near and far.

At CamilyWand™, we have been blessed with over 5 years of helping people with unusual “cleaning” dilemmas for Silhouette® owners and those people who need to grab items from inaccessible and high places. Because beautiful window shadings made by Hunter Douglas and other companies collect bugs and debris within the vanes, we are gratified that we have the opportunity to serve those shading owners in having a tool available to them for this bug removal. It also works on Nantuckets™, Luminettes®, Pirouettes®, Vignettes®, and Soleras™ as well as products manufactured by other companies. Silhouette® and other shadings owners have an easy, quick way to keep their views bug free and protect their investments in keeping their blinds clean.  Our readers and clients are very grateful that we invented and have our CamilyWand™ available to them.

As we continue to grow and increase our sales in other continents like Australia and Europe, we strive to please our readers and friends in keeping their living areas free of debris and bugs. Our tool also reaches so many other inaccessible places, it has become an invaluable tool for home maintenance. It’s perpetually sticky CamilyTip , when kept clean, is able to attach itself to dust, debris and lightweight objects from high places, ceiling fans, lighting fixtures, between appliances and behind heavy furniture and many other places, allowing for easy removal.

When we count our blessings here at Camily, we are very grateful to be able to serve our friends and readers who need and want our CamilyWand™. Thank you for your support now and in coming years.

We wish you the Happiest of Holidays during this festive season, enjoying safe times with family and friends.




































































Gratitude, Blessings Celebrated on Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Day is a time to celebrate our blessings and gratitude for all the wonderful moments we have in our lives.

We are so fortunate to live in a wonderful, free country, where we have abundance and infinite opportunities available to all of us. We make choices everyday that affect our lives and those of others as we celebrate the bounty of Thanksgiving. We value the kindness and love that abounds during our holiday season.

At CamilyWand™, we thank you for all of the wonderful opportunities you have given us.  Our business continues to grow thanks to all of our readers who purchase and use our CamilyWand Sticky Bug Removal Tool ™ on their Silhouette® window shadings. Those blinds, as well as many others manufactured by Hunter Douglas, have longer lives because we are fortunate enough to help the shading owners protect their investments.

We at Camily wish you a most grateful, blessed and safe Thanksgiving Day!


Veterans Day Parades, Patriotic Flags

Our recent Veterans Day celebrated all of our Armed Forces members efforts in protecting our countries’ freedom.

We honored our Veterans with parades and ceremonies this week, thanking them for their service and their places of honor in our lives.  We have memorials throughout the country to celebrate these brave men and women who fought for us and thousands who paid the ultimate sacrifice. I’m humbled by the many efforts people are taking to facilitate travel for many still surviving World War II Veterans to see the WWII Memorial in Washington DC. My late Father was given a special trip  by relatives to see that memorial and was thrilled to visit it while he was alive.

Parades and functions happened over this past weekend celebrating this wonderful day of recognition.  Seeing the proud veterans is always a poignant sight. We are grateful for their efforts, service and never forget to honor them. Weekly, in Colorado Springs, we have reminders of our freedoms when our military forces return home after deployments overseas; children are reunited with their parents, men may see their newborn babies for the first time. We have our precious freedom protected by these brave soldiers, and need to remember that as we go through our days.

Being grateful for our freedoms is very important to the American Dream. We have wonderful opportunities here in the US and are able to have very nice homes to enjoy. This time of year, with holidays coming quickly, we are preparing for parties, celebrations and times with friends and family.

An important preparation is cleaning, dusting and removing bugs and debris from our window shadings. Many readers use our CamilyWand Sticky Bug Removal Tool™ for removing debris and bugs from their blinds and shadings, such as Silhouettes® and similar shadings manufactured by Hunter Douglas and other companies. Other brands of products where our CamilyWand™ works beautifully are Nantuckets™, Pirouettes®, Luminettes®, Vignettes®, Soleras™, Illusions, and Shangri-Las. They are  made by various companies such as  Smith+Noble,  Allen+Roth, and Comfortex.

Keeping your shadings free of bugs and debris is very important.  A serious concern is damage that can occur when the bugs and debris are left in the openings and between the fabrics when your shading rolls up and down. They become squished and may leave permanent spots behind on the shade fabric. The benefits of these shadings outweigh this issue. You have filtered views of your landscapes, outdoors and changing seasons, while having very good insulation and privacy at the same time. Energy savings at your windows with these benefits are very important for our environment.

As you enjoy your holiday season, keep our CamilyWand™ handy to grab the debris in your shadings, and remove unsightly webs from inaccessible places like light fixtures, chandeliers, fans, fabric window treatments, behind furniture and appliances, and many other creative things you can imagine.

We here at CamilyWand™ wish you happy and safe upcoming holiday times as you’ve prepared for great gatherings with family and friends.



Feel gratitude, blessings and kindness during this Thanksgiving time

During this time of Thanksgiving and throughout the year, it is important to have gratitude and think of all the things for which we are thankful.

We are often guilty of forgetting the little things we do on a daily basis, which are unique to humans, which were not available to our forefathers,  and which are often taken for granted.  To do this, counting our blessings and feeling gratitude is a rejuvenating act and will improve a challenging situation and lift our spirits. Some people pray, some meditate, some spend time in nature, some write a gratitude journal, and some help others.

Be thankful for important and seemingly little things in your life.

  • We are able to breathe air, allowing survival.
  • We have many hours in a day to accomplish whatever is desired and needed.
  • We have families and friends to share time, interests and fun.
  • We have shelter to enjoy, preserve and maintain.
  • We have health to treasure, realizing that many others struggle with health issues; possibly our concerns are not so terrible.
  • We have furnishings in our homes to use, enjoy and maintain.
  • We have daily choices to determine how we live our lives.
  • We have freedoms given to us by our Constitution.
  • We have vast opportunities
  • We are very fortunate to live where we’re able to fearlessly fulfill and enjoy our dreams.

We  thank you: all of our CamilyWand™ clients, and all of you who read our blog posts.  We are grateful to have invented our CamilyWand Sticky Bug Removal Tool™.  It is designed to remove bugs and debris from Silhouette® window shadings/blinds and lightweight debris or things from inaccessible places.

Our Blessings abound. Have a Happy Thanksgiving, reflecting on abundance!