August Celebrations, School Starting!

Summertime is winding down, with cooler mornings and shorter sunlight time in our days. And our children of all ages are heading back to school.

Today, for my sweet Granddaughter, it’s the first day of preschool; for others, it’s the first day of kindergarten; some are off to college, moving away from home. There were graduations and other celebrations over the summer, barbecues, soccer and baseball games. All fun times with friends and families. As we enjoy each moment of every day, we learn to treasure the time and continuing growth we are blessed to enjoy in this world.

There are many ways we are able to enjoy our lives, both home and away. We keep our homes in good order, clean and nice so we may invite friends to spend time with us. This new off to school time gives us more latitude in getting things done around our homes and offices.  We know as fall approaches that we’ll be entertaining more inside our homes. It’s time to get those cobwebs from the ceiling, light fixtures, ceiling fans, pot and pan racks, and beams. Our CamilyWand™ Sticky Bug Removal Tool™ is just the tool to grab the pesky dirt, debris and bugs. It’s perpetually sticky tip (when kept dust free and washed as needed) will grab little critters, light weight objects, allowing you to do your clean up swiftly and easily.

Its CamilyTip™ sticks to any lightweight object, especially from inaccessible places, using its extension pole to grab the offending object, remove it and then be washed for more work. We designed it when we realized that there were window shading products which were attractive to bugs. Why, you might wonder? It is because the energy from light is like a magnet for bugs, flies, moths, and debris. They would crawl into the open sides of vanes on products like Silhouettes® by Hunter Douglas, bake in there and not be able to get out. So there often are bugs in the middle of the gorgeous blinds, which ruin views and are difficult to remove.

Our CamilyWand™ has almost infinite uses, as our imaginative readers have noticed. It works on blinds like Nantuckets™, Luminettes®, Pirouettes®, Vignettes®, Soleras®, Illusions and Shangri-Las. It is a popular tool for the garden, making pest removal (like aphids) from your flowering blooms a breeze. Car, boat and yacht engine enthusiasts use it to reach into tight spaces and lift light weight objects.

There are many reasons to have our tool in your home. Recently, I dropped an earring behind my dresser, just as I was about to leave for an appointment. I got my CamilyWand™, extended the pole to the right length, touched it to my earring, and retrieved it from behind furniture that would have been difficult to move. And off I went to my meeting.

We hope you will make your cleaning chores easier with our CamilyWand™ as you begin your fall tidying-up projects. And we wish you a very fun filled rest of the summer!