Loves Kindness, Energy, Sweetness Conquers All

Loves Kindness, Energy, Sweetness Conquers All in life: Friends, Spouses, Family, and Relationships that share love in many ways.

Valentine’s day is traditionally one of the most popular days to celebrate love. Often it is the romantic love that is celebrated then, but other love is important to remember: love of friends, family other than spouses, people who have influenced you during your life, and others who make an impression on you. Universal love is something kind to share.

We’re seeing heart inspired gifts in the stores, magazines, and on television to help us express kindness and love to our friends. The caring, loving, kindness and compassion is just as important to share with your favorite people. We’re able to do that every day besides February 14th. We’re able to give much to our loved ones during the year in all sorts of ways: little things, treats of needs in your homes or travel for a break from your work life are some loving gifts we can share.

At Camily, LLC, we give our readers and friends the gift of unobstructed views through our window shadings like Silhouettes® and similar shadings by offering an easy solution to remove bugs and debris that lodge in between the vanes. They are some of the most prestigious products on the market which disperse light throughout the room when they are covering the window in the open position. Debris and small bugs often find their way into those openings, and should be removed as soon as possible. We invented a tool to just that: our CamilyWand™ Sticky Bug Removal Tool™. Readers are safely and easily able to remove the offending pests when they find them in their shadings.

Hunter Douglas makes many styles of blinds and shadings, (such as the Silhouettes)® like Nantuckets™, Pirouettes®, Luminettes®, Vignettes®, Soleras™ where our tool is helpful. Other companies have similar offerings where our CamilyWand™ is perfect for use. Should you be fortunate enough to have some of these types of shadings or are planning on purchasing some of them, you will enjoy having our CamilyWand on hand for the shadings and retrieving light weight items and debris from inaccessible places.

We at CamilyWand™  hope you enjoy your friends, Valentines Day and parties over the coming weekend.


Brilliant Fall Colors Warm our Hearts

Brilliant Fall Colors Warm our Hearts during late summer and early autumn. The changes in the air when our temperatures fall, the leaves putting on their most brilliant colorful show prepare us for the cooler temperatures and cuddly warmth during fall days.

How fortunate we all are to live in places where we are able to enjoy such beauty and fall bounty as we move from summer to winter. The changing colors in our landscapes, wherever you live, are an awe inspiring gift from Mother Nature, which we treasure as we move through our daily activities. So many scenes are so beautiful, I feel that fall is a glorious season to enjoy.

Many of our readers are preparing for cooler temperatures. We are having a balmy fall in Colorado this year, but we also remember blizzards in October in past years! I hope to move some plants to other, more appropriate areas in the garden this weekend, as we will enjoy temperatures in the high 70’s. Unheard of summer like weather here in late October.

As we prepare for the coming cooler temperatures, we are spending more times in our homes. One friend was preparing for a nor’easter storm in her New England home this week with a beautiful fire in her fireplace. I enjoy that feeling, too. In my home I have Silhouette® Window Shadings from Hunter Douglas on 2 large windows flanking my fireplace. The wood is stacked and ready to light for that first fire of the fall. It will happen soon here, even though we’ll have summer-like temperatures this weekend.

Having some warm days will allow me to keep the windows open and get some last minute fall cleaning chores completed. The Silhouettes® tend to collect bugs and debris in the open spaces between the vanes, and I plan to take time to remove them with our invention, the CamilyWand™ Sticky Bug Removal Tool™. Because our CamilyTip is perpetually tacky when kept clean, it will be wonderful to use our CamilyWand™ to get the pesky insects out of the Silhouettes® ( or Nantuckets™), so I’ll be able to preserve my view while enjoying fires and snowfalls to come.

We hope you will be able to catch up on those fall tidying up chores in your homes and offer our CamilyWand™ tool to help you reach inaccessible places, to remove debris and light weight objects. You’ll find it wonderful to have in your home improvement selection of tools.

At Camily, LLC, we wish your a wonderful fall season, feeling gratitude for the upcoming bounty we’ll enjoy.


Beautiful Hot Air Balloons – Up & Away

Beautiful Hot Air Balloons – Up and Away at our Colorado Balloon Festival on Labor Day weekend 2013.  Annually balloonists from all over the world ascend from Memorial Park in Colorado Springs, and make a splash and dash into Prospect Lake with the Rocky Mountains in the Background!

It is a thrilling sight to see the crews fill the balloons, turn on the propane and ascend to the skies in front of Pikes Peak and Cheyenne Mountain. My children were young when the festival began; I recall getting up at dawn, taking a picnic breakfast and visiting the festival many, many times. So many eager pilots brought their balloons to attempt the splash and dash into Prospect Lake before they headed off on their adventure. This past year, I was invited to casually join a chase team to meet the balloon when it landed. We didn’t get to fly because it was too windy at 10 mph. I never realized it needed to be so calm for the balloons to fly successfully.

Sometimes the wind blows to the north and they fly over my home. It is so still in the morning, you can hear them turning on the propane burner, to keep the balloon up in their air. The styles and designs we’ve seen over the years are phenomenal. The Energizer Bunny comes to mind and recently a Happy Face flew the skies over Colorado Springs.

Being at Memorial Park is a thrill, but it is also nice to be at home and check them out through the windows in the warmth of the house. It’s pretty cold that early in the day – blankets, jackets and hats were a must when we went to the park.

To get a good view, it’s great to have your windows clean …. and many readers have Silhouette® shadings on their windows. It allows a filtered view and insulation simultaneously. Viewing balloons through the sheers is a special way to enjoy the outside and be warm inside. Because the light is so attractive, bugs tend to make their way into the side openings of shadings like Silhouettes®, Nantuckets™ and similar types of blinds. Our readers have requested a solution for the bug issue. So we invented our CamilyWand™ Sticky Bug Removal Tool™ to easily  and safely remove debris and bugs from the blinds, as well as removing lightweight items from other inaccessible places. Your shadings and homes will be more beautiful when you have and use our CamilyWand™.

We at Camily, LLC wish you a wonderful fall season, being safe and enjoying nature!


I See the Moon, The Moon Sees Me

I See the Moon, the Moon Sees Me. Shining through the leaves of the old oak tree –  are lyrics to an old favorite song some of us know.

The rest of the first verse is “Oh let the light that shines on me, shine on the one that I love.” We used to sing our parents’ old favorites when we were traveling in the car on family vacations. She’ll be Comin’ round the Mountain when she Comes is another favorite about a train ride. Recently I sang that to my Grandchildren when they were driving their little cars around the family room. Had to come up with a lot of interesting verses to keep them entertained!

Summer and early Fall is my favorite time of year, and part of that is because of the beautiful Super Moon or Perigree Full Moon (shown in the image here) that we see for 3 months in the summer. The first was on July 9th, and the second one was August 10th. The last Super Moon this year is September 9th. I love the light, day or night, and these moons appear to be 30% brighter as the moons’ orbit comes closest to the earth then. The resulting largest apparent size happens when the elliptical orbit has it’s narrow sides nearer to our planet, from our viewpoint. The Moonrises from the East and the Moonsets over Pikes Peak are even more impressive when we have the Super Moon.

I’m enjoying the views of the Super Moon this summer while driving through town and when I’m relaxing in my home. The moon appears so large as I look at it through my Silhouette® shadings. The window shadings give me a filtered view when the vanes are open as they cover the glass. So at night, I can see the moon with the shades down, as they give me insulation. It is a great way to have partial privacy and see outdoor lights during the evening and spectacular views during the day.

The light opportunities are definitely an attraction for me. They also attract bugs and allow debris to be “caught” in the vane openings. We invented our CamilyWand™ Sticky Bug Removal Tool™ to solve that problem. It easily and safely grabs pesky insects with its sticky CamilyTip, lifting them easily from the fabric, so our readers are able to keep their shades like new. It works on many Hunter Douglas and other companies’ blinds, protecting views and investments. In addition, using our tool for reaching other inaccessible places is a valuable option for removing debris during your home cleaning chores. We know you will find our CamilyWand™ to be a useful tool to have on hand.

We at CamilyWand™ wish you a safe enjoyable end to the summer days!


Rainbows Beautifully Color, Light Stormy Summer Skies

Rainbows Beautifully Color, Light Stormy Summer Skies, merging with a tornado on the horizon during a summer storm. This amazing image captures light in the rainbow and the wind energy of the storm in this stunning photo.

We all have opportunities to see beauty in nature: the amazing prism effect of light and rain mixing together to form rainbows, or the raging wind forming the funnel clouds of tornados during hot summer months. This image with the rainbow starting to join the funnel cloud at the bottom, is especially unique. Mother Nature provides us with these wonderful views, which we should treasure as we move through each day.

Many of our readers have discovered a way to enjoy these gorgeous happenings from inside their homes when their window shadings are covering the glass, and they can see outside with the filtered views through Silhouette® Window Shadings by Hunter Douglas. These products give insulation when covering the glass, yet the sheers with the horizontal vanes allow the outside views to be preserved at the same time. These qualities are wonderful for bringing the outside into our homes and at the same time saving energy.

As we enjoy the light and the views through the Silhouettes®, we often find little gnats and bugs who have made their way into the vane openings from the side. Clients and readers both need a solution to remove the offending insects. We invented the CamilyWand™ Sticky Bug Removal Tool™ to remove the bugs and debris easily and safely, to protect the shadings and preserve inspiring views from homes and offices. It’s extension pole with our perpetually sticky CamilyTip does the trick , keeping your Silhouettes®, Nantuckets™, Shangri- Las™ and many other shadings in great shape.

Our CamilyWand™ has other interesting uses as well. It will retrieve items and debris from a myriad of inaccessible places, and is helpful for bug removal in the garden. One reader successfully removed aphids from her delicate rose petals with our tool – so it is very useful to have in your home when the need for it arises.

Camily, LLC hopes you have a wonderful summer, enjoying the longer sunlight hours!





Eiffel Tower Looks Like Sparkling Jewel over Paris

Eiffel Tower Looks Like Sparkling Jewel over Paris.

France and Paris are on the scene this month as we have just remembered D-Day, a pivotal battle in World War II, and celebrated Tennis’ French Open over the weekend. What a wonderful time of celebration and insight to both of our nations’ past and present! We’ve shared D-Day, where our troops landed at Normandy beach, France, observing the protection of freedom last week. On Saturday and Sunday, the French Open at Roland Garros announced Sharapova and Nadal as Women’s and Men’s Singles Champions.

Our Paris Image highlights the nighttime sky of the Eiffel Tower and the City of Paris with it’s jewel of Sacre Coeur in the background. A stunning view and scene to witness!

Those who live in Paris enjoy views like this, and others in the rest of the world see beautiful and gorgeous landscapes and seascapes from our homes and offices. The Earth is filled with Natures’ beauty  where we live – magical!

Here in Colorado Springs, I have the privilege of enjoying views of Pikes Peak from my home. My Silhouette® window shadings allow me to see my view through the sheers, while having UV protection from the sun and enjoying the iridescent feelings in my rooms, somewhat like the jewel tones in Paris. The light is a draw for me, and also attracts critters and bugs into the Silhouette® type shadings’ side openings. They are unattractive and can harm the Window shadings if left inside the shade.

We developed a solution for that problem with our CamilyWand™ Sticky Bug Removal Tool™. It is an extension pole with a perpetually sticky tip, when kept clean, that “grabs” the offending insect and easily allows for removal. It is an invaluable tool to have in your home cleaning supplies for reaching inaccessible places. I use mine often to protect my Silhouettes and reach offending spider webs, pick up light weight papers or jewelry which has dropped behind furniture, and many other creative uses.

As we enjoy our summer outside fun, it’s important to keep up on our home maintenance projects. At CamilyWand™, we hope you’ll have wonderful times this summer, enjoying good, safe fun with your family and friends!




Memorial Day Remembers Military Soldiers’ Sacrifices

Memorial Day Remembers Military Soldiers’ Sacrifices as we finish our long weekend celebrations and ceremonies.

One of the most poignant monuments to me is the statue on Iwo Jima, where 5 US Marine and 1 Navy Hospital Corpsman planted the American Flag during the World War II Battle for the Pacific Island. As a tribute to all of our military soldiers, I’m posting this the day after Memorial Day, so we may continue to be grateful for the freedoms and rights we enjoy in the United States everyday.

We visited many monuments as my Late Pops, who loved history, enjoyed seeing them on family vacations. We probably could have moved into the Smithsonian Institute and he would have been happy. I remember my brothers playing around cannons at Gettysburg, watching glass blowing in Williamsburg, visiting the White House and most of the Washington DC MMonuments and many other historic places. Pops was able to visit the WWII Monument, a big thrill for him.

Maybe those travels led me to loving the mountains where I live now. For a Midwesterner, Pikes Peak and the Rockies were and are still glorious to me. Seeing the woods and the mountains every day from my home and workplace is wonderful and I’m very grateful to have that opportunity. The views when I have my Silhouette® window shadings drawn over the glass in the open position and slightly filtered by the sheers, are marvelous. I can see that snow on Pikes Peak, even in the summer if we get rain at our lower altitudes. Those views plus the added insulation, UV protection and partial privacy are winning qualities for owning Silhouette® shadings by Hunter Douglas.

The shadings are gorgeous; they light living spaces with a diffused aura, providing energy for us. We love it and so do bugs, moths and insects, who enter the blind’s vane openings from the sides. Because my clients wanted an easy, safe way to remove the offending pests, we invented the CamilyWand™ Sticky Bug Removal Tool™. It’s an all purpose tool that uniquely grabs anything it touches with the sticky tip. It removes debris and bugs from other places and shadings like Nantuckets, Luminettes®, Pirouettes®, Vignettes®, Soleras™ and others made by different manufacturers. It is available on the shop page of our CamilyWand™ website or by phoning Lynn.

We at CamilyWand™ hope you enjoy your last days of school, your graduations and the start of a safe summer!






















Beautiful Snow Frosting the Rocky Mountains

Beautiful Snow Frosting the Rocky Mountains was our Mothers Day gift this year in Colorado! It was a wet snowman kind of snow – just what we need in the springtime!

What a Mothers Day Gift from Mother Nature herself! I couldn’t resist sharing this photo from my friend Linda, as my tulips in Colorado Springs haven’t quite woken up yet! We have such a gorgeous frosting of snow in the mountains and on the front range, providing us with much needed moisture. May flowers love it; we wait to plant or cover our vegetation during our occasional frosty evenings.

This past weekend I’ve was a homebody, like I used to be when growing up in Wisconsin during the cold months. We would put together jigsaw puzzles, knit or sew, work on scrapbooks, have fires in the fireplace, roast marshmallows, bake cookies, and in general hunker down during those times. It’s strange to do that in May in Colorado, however it happens often here at odd times. Many years we have had blizzards that can and do leave feet of snow along the front range of the Rocky Mountains. This snow had enough moisture to make great snowmen!

In my home, I keep my Silhouette® window shadings covering the glass for insulation and enjoy the view through the sheers. It helps with energy savings and I still see the budding bulbs and perennial flowers that can withstand the frosts. Many of the Hunter Douglas Shadings have similar properties where readers may enjoy views, insulation and partial privacy at the same time. They have side openings, which allows for part of their energy efficiency.

Those same side openings allow bugs and debris to enter the shading, because they love the sunlight and warmth. Those pesky insects often die in those openings and need to be removed. That is WHY we developed our CamilyWand™ Sticky Bug Removal Tool™ to preserve your views and investment in your shadings. It is an easy to use, safe tool, made of an extension pole and a sticky CamilyTip on the end. It “grabs” the insects from the spaces between the vanes to easily keep your shades clear of debris. One Silhouette® owner commented that it “is a brilliant” tool. What a nice compliment~~~

We at CamilyWand™ hope you’re enjoying your Springtime fun and are safe!


Party On with May Day Dancing, Maybaskets

Party On with May Day Dancing, Maybaskets to mark the first day of May. May Poles, a tradition in Europe, are the center of celebrations there and in the United States on the 1st day of May.

The beautiful image of women dancing around the European May Pole, by Lisa Racz, is symbolic of the celebrations in Germany, England and Austria. They celebrate this holiday, similar to our present Earth Day, by bringing trees from the forest, cutting off branches, then decorating them or poles with flowers and ribbons in preparation for people to hold ribbons as they dance around the pole. The ancient ritual has evolved into various celebrations to honor the rite of spring. A friend in the Bavarian area of Germany calls the Maibaum.

As children, we would hand make little baskets from construction paper, adding handles and fill them with spring goodies. Then the best part came:  delivering them to friends. We would run to the front doors of our friends homes, set the May Basket on the porch, ring the doorbell, then run away so they would be surprised when they answered the doors. We did this when we were in grade school in our small town of Wisconsin Rapids, a very safe, secure community. I can picture it today, as I share this fun tradition for you on May Day.

In Europe, the celebration happens on the weekend of Pentacost, a religious tradition that happens the first weekend in May. As I look out my window this morning, through my Window Shadings  in Colorado Springs, I’m looking at an inch of snow, with the mountains covered like frosting on a cake. I have the insulation I need from the Silhouette® blinds, yet can watch the storm as it moves through our area. We will often get a quick dusting of snow (or sometimes blizzards) in Colorado, to enjoy Springtime in the Rockies. This is Wednesday and by the weekend our temperatures will reach 70 or 80 degrees. Never a dull moment in the weather pattern here~~~

Enjoying a clear, preserved view is one of the reasons I have Hunter Douglas’ Silhouette® window shadings in my home. The 3 criteria for selecting Silhouettes® to cover my windows are filtered views, where I see my gardens and landscape while having insulation, and partial privacy simultaneously. I love the light in my home, it is cheerful and brings me energy, so want to enjoy the outside as much as possible. Little gnats, bugs and debris are also attracted to the light. So they fly inside the vane openings of many shadings like Nantuckets™ and Silhouettes®, they die inside the shadings and need to be removed.

We invented the CamilyWand™ Sticky Bug Removal Tool™ to reach inaccessible places like the shade openings. It works for many other tasks wherever something needs to be picked up or removed. It’s sticky CamilyTip  on the end of an extension pole will safely “grab” the offensive object and then easily remove it from the blind or other areas. It’s an invaluable tool to have in your home for a variety of removal needs.

We at Camily, LLC hope you have wonderful May Day celebrations and a safe weekend!



Spring Skiing, Budding Flowers Evoke Nature’s Beauty

Spring Skiing, Budding Flowers evoke Nature’s Beauty in the mountains and on the plains. Our gardens are waking up, bulbs blooming and trees blossoming.

On any given day in April, these blooming daffodil bulbs could have snow on them in Colorado, possibly into May, as well. The beauty of living in the Rockies is the ever changing weather, especially in spring!

I love spring skiing too – the weather is balmier, the snow amazingly beautiful as we schuss down the mountain ski runs or cross country ski in the woods. Skiing is a favorite sport of mine, as I’ve been skiing somewhere since I was a teenager. Our family skied in Northern Wisconsin, where I chipped a kneecap on one trip. We also went to places like Rib Mountain, Cascade, Mt. Horeb and other nearby hills.  Our family came to Breckenridge, CO one spring break with another Madison family, taking a week of morning lessons and then enjoying the beauty during practice afternoon skiing. People today wouldn’t believe the old skis we used back then!

But now, with the warming temperatures and longer daylight hours, I’m ready to get in the garden. Greenhouses are tempting us with beautiful flowers and bushes, even though we will still get hard frosts until at least the middle of May. So our planting time happens quickly here nearer Memorial Day than now.

To enjoy my garden during the evening, I have outdoor lighting, where I can see my garden through my Silhouette® window shadings. I get sun protection, insulation and partial privacy when I have the shadings covering the glass and in the open position. So I can see the garden, the mountains, and the recent eclipse through the blinds. It is wonderful to have so many choices of window coverings and view through ability of shadings like the Silhouettes®, Nantuckets™, Pirouettes®, Vignettes®, Luminettes®, Soleras™ and many other Hunter Douglas products. The view through is especially enjoyable during the day you have your shadings protecting your furnishings with great UV protection and you want to see your gorgeous view outside.

Seeing the views is such a plus with the shades covering the glass, that we always want to preserve the light giving views. We are attracted to light and so are bugs, gnats and other pesky things. As a long time interior designer, my readers and clients would want answers to that problem. So I invented our CamilyWand™ Sticky Bug Removal Toolfor that purpose, as well as to retrieve items from inaccessible and difficult to reach places. It has proven to be a unique, very popular tool throughout the world. We are in Australia and Europe as well as North America.

We are looking forward to enjoying the views of our gardens and landscapes or our snowcapped mountains.

CamilyWand™ hopes you’ll enjoy your surroundings and views this spring.


New Years Eve Brings Sparkly Skies

New Years Eve Brings Sparkly Skies with fireworks atop Pikes Peak!

Bryan Oller shot this photo of fireworks lighting Pikes Peak & Garden of the Gods in the 2014 Midnight sky with a brilliant view from Colorado Springs. The skies were clear, allowing this stunning picture for us to share with the world.

Every year, a club of people hike to the top of Pikes Peak to give us a firework display. This year we were fortunate to have clear skies, so anybody who could see Pikes Peak would be able to enjoy this wonderful display. For New Years Eve 2014, we had clear skies and enjoyed all of the fireworks from Colorado Springs.

People at the many New Years Eve parties were able to see them from their homes. Those who have the Silhouette® Window Shadings by Hunter Douglas could see the fireworks when their blinds were covering the glass in window in the vane open position. They had energy efficiency with their blinds as well. That is the beauty of the Silhouette® shadings.

The vane openings allow insects to collect inside them over time. We love the light and so do the flies, bugs and debris. Because we wanted our readers to be able to have unobstructed  views, we invented the CamilyWand™ Sticky Bug Removal Tool™ for that purpose. It quickly, safely and easily removes the bugs with its sticky CamilyTip and leaves your views preserved, and your blinds in good condition.

Our blog posts and newsletters explain our tool in more depth, and as you move through 2014, you may want to have our CamilyWand™ handy for clearing out debris from inaccessible places.

Camily, LLC is grateful for our readers and the many clients we are blessed with.  We wish you every success in 2014 and may you have a happy and prosperous New Year!





Share Gratitude for Nature’s Bounty, Beauty

Gratitude for our beautiful fall and nature’s bounty is overwhelming this year – it has been such a warm, glorious fall!

We have had unseasonably warm temperatures this fall in Colorado – such a blessing for us to enjoy. Leaves are still on some of the trees – even into November. Gorgeous reds of maples, yellows and golds of aspens and some still green leaves waiting to fall. Such beauty is awe inspiring.

When we  enjoy our surroundings, we have time to be grateful for everything we are given. We have fall harvests with bounty for our tables, gorgeous scenery to enjoy while we go through our days and natures bounty surrounding us all the time. It’s a time for us to treasure being able to live in such wonderful places in the USA.

We don’t have to be outside to enjoy our surroundings. There are many window shading products on the market that allow us to have them in the down position, or covering the window and still get views along with energy efficiency and privacy during the daylight hours. This is especially helpful as we move forward with less sun in our daylight hours. Having the shadings down, being able to see the views and enjoying the insides of our homes for the holidays is very special.

We want to keep our shadings and blinds debris and bug free so our views are nice and unobstructed. Our CamilyWand™Sticky Bug Removal Tool™ does a wonderful job of grabbing onto those pesky insects with its perpetually sticky CamilyTip, and then easily and safely removes them. It is a “brilliant” tool according to one of our European readers.

Designed for Silhouette® shadings by Hunter Douglas, it also works on some of their other products, such as Nantuckets™, Pirouettes®, Luminettes®, Vignettes®, and Soleras™. Other companies make similar shadings like Shangri-Las, and Illusions. It has other applications in reaching inaccessible places such as crown moldings at ceilings, fans, lighting fixtures and chandeliers. It also retrieves lightweight items like papers and jewelry from behind furniture or appliances.

CamilyWand™ is a great tool to have around your homes; I’m often surprised what tasks it will accomplish when there is nothing else that comes to mind. You’ll enjoy your homes and unobstructed views through your window shadings like Silhouettes® when they are bug and debris free. Then you’ll be ready for your upcoming holidays and entertaining.

We at CamilyWand™ wish you the safest and best holiday season.






Veterans Day Parades, Patriotic Flags

Our recent Veterans Day celebrated all of our Armed Forces members efforts in protecting our countries’ freedom.

We honored our Veterans with parades and ceremonies this week, thanking them for their service and their places of honor in our lives.  We have memorials throughout the country to celebrate these brave men and women who fought for us and thousands who paid the ultimate sacrifice. I’m humbled by the many efforts people are taking to facilitate travel for many still surviving World War II Veterans to see the WWII Memorial in Washington DC. My late Father was given a special trip  by relatives to see that memorial and was thrilled to visit it while he was alive.

Parades and functions happened over this past weekend celebrating this wonderful day of recognition.  Seeing the proud veterans is always a poignant sight. We are grateful for their efforts, service and never forget to honor them. Weekly, in Colorado Springs, we have reminders of our freedoms when our military forces return home after deployments overseas; children are reunited with their parents, men may see their newborn babies for the first time. We have our precious freedom protected by these brave soldiers, and need to remember that as we go through our days.

Being grateful for our freedoms is very important to the American Dream. We have wonderful opportunities here in the US and are able to have very nice homes to enjoy. This time of year, with holidays coming quickly, we are preparing for parties, celebrations and times with friends and family.

An important preparation is cleaning, dusting and removing bugs and debris from our window shadings. Many readers use our CamilyWand Sticky Bug Removal Tool™ for removing debris and bugs from their blinds and shadings, such as Silhouettes® and similar shadings manufactured by Hunter Douglas and other companies. Other brands of products where our CamilyWand™ works beautifully are Nantuckets™, Pirouettes®, Luminettes®, Vignettes®, Soleras™, Illusions, and Shangri-Las. They are  made by various companies such as  Smith+Noble,  Allen+Roth, and Comfortex.

Keeping your shadings free of bugs and debris is very important.  A serious concern is damage that can occur when the bugs and debris are left in the openings and between the fabrics when your shading rolls up and down. They become squished and may leave permanent spots behind on the shade fabric. The benefits of these shadings outweigh this issue. You have filtered views of your landscapes, outdoors and changing seasons, while having very good insulation and privacy at the same time. Energy savings at your windows with these benefits are very important for our environment.

As you enjoy your holiday season, keep our CamilyWand™ handy to grab the debris in your shadings, and remove unsightly webs from inaccessible places like light fixtures, chandeliers, fans, fabric window treatments, behind furniture and appliances, and many other creative things you can imagine.

We here at CamilyWand™ wish you happy and safe upcoming holiday times as you’ve prepared for great gatherings with family and friends.



Octoberfest Parties, Lederhosen and Steins

Fall always brings out parties, festivals and fun in October. Octoberfest celebrations with people wearing lederhosen and dirndl dresses originated in northern Europe.

With Octoberfest celebrations happening in many places, I brought you to our “Switzerland of the Rockies”, to show the European spirit right here in the US. Our gorgeous Aspens are peaking out in front of the San Juan Mountains in Southwest Colorado this fall, allowing us to enjoy the beauty of Magnificent Mother Nature.

Each day during these summer to fall days, the light is changing (as always) and we are seeing marked differences in our vegetation and views. I noticed some leaves on my Lilies of the Valley flowers are going through a lime green phase on their way to their winter rest.

I’ll be watching the autumn colors change through my Silhouette® window shadings, so I’m able to have some insulation against the cooler outside temperatures and still see a filtered view of the outdoors. The reds of Sugar Maples, gold ands yellows of Aspens, and fall flowers are a welcome sight during the fall months. It is the combination of views, some privacy and insulation at the same time, that our CamilyWand™Sticky Bug Removal Tool™ was invented.

It is a tool designed to remove bugs and debris from the inside of the vanes of Hunter Douglas Silhouettes® and products which give similar effects, like Nantuckets™, Pirouettes®, Vignettes,® Luminettes,® and Soleras™. Other companies like Comfortex, Smith+Noble, and Allan+Roth make shadings that serve a similar purpose, such as Illusions and Shangri-Las. They are all designed to capture the energy of our iridescent light, bringing it into our homes. Humans are drawn to that energy and so are bugs, dust and debris. We find ourselves with the task of removing bugs from between the silk-like vanes of those window shadings. Our safe CamilyWand™ easily does the job.

Our readers love our tool and use it for so many chores in their homes, it is good to have it on hand for when the need arises. It’s perpetually sticky CamilyTip ( when clean) will grab webs, light weight particles, papers and almost anything from high and inaccessible places.  Readers are placing orders to have them on hand as we move into the holiday season entertaining time. So we have made CamilyWand™  available at this website on our SHOP page, or you may order by phone using the information from our contact page. We know you will enjoy its benefits throughout the year.

We at CamilyWand™ wish you a safe, fine fall and holiday season as you enjoy the last months of the year.


Labor Day Holiday Weekend

Labor Day, our last summer weekend holiday, is coming soon. We’ll be enjoying barbecues, games, fairs, and fun times with friends as we move into a new season.

Some of you may be getting away for the weekend, maybe going to a Fish Boil in Door County, WI or going on picnics or hikes. You may be staying close to home to have a long weekend celebration with friends.

You’ll be getting your homes ready for your special weekend by sprucing up areas that have been ignored over the summer. When it comes to reaching inaccessible places to remove bugs and debris, our CamilyWand Sticky Bug Removal Tool comes in handy. Many of us have hidden cobwebs in corners or behind furniture which would be easily reached by our extendable pole with its perpetually sticky tip, which “picks up” what ever you touch with it.

One of those inaccessible places where flies and moths love to go is inside the vane openings on Silhouette® blinds by Hunter Douglas. These are high end window shadings which have 3 benefits: a filtered view, energy savings and privacy simultaneously. Or they can be drawn into a headrail. The bugs love the light and warmth, which is why they go inbetween the vanes. But then they aren’t able to get out, creating difficulties for the homeowner. As a long time interior designer and dealer for window shadings, I realized the issue, invented and patented our CamilyWand for that purpose and now manufacture it in Colorado Springs. CamilyWand also works on window shadings like Nantuckets™, Luminettes®, Pirouettes®, Soleras®, Vignettes®, Shangri-Las, Illusions and other similar products.

So as you prepare your home for the long Labor Day Weekend, be sure to get rid of pesky insects from corners, other high places and your window shadings.  It’s a good tool to have on hand for little emergency situations, where a bug could ruin your view through your Silhouettes® while you’re eating your meals. That happened recently to one reader and she ordered her wand at our online shop immediately. (She even emailed a photo of the offender!)

As you enjoy your weekend, we at CamilyWand wish you a great holiday this Labor Day, be safe and have fun!




August Warmth, Rains, Schooltime

August is our wettest month in Colorado; we are getting beneficial evening rains in the late afternoon, as is a longtime pattern here in the Rocky Mountains. The good news for us is that these recent rains are going a long way to easing our drought. The rain gave us a gift, photographed by my friends, Debbie and Birdie – a Gorgeous Rainbow today!

Rainbows, sunsets over the mountains and our great Rocky Mountain front range are some of the views we are blessed with here in Colorado Springs. Magic – in Gods Country!

We want you all to be able to see great views through your windows. Those readers who have shadings and blinds that allow “view through” are very lucky to be able to see your views through them when your shadings are down over the glass.  Many of you have Silhouette® type window shadings, screen shadings or sheer type shadings, which will collect dust and debris on and in them over time.

And there are many other needs for reaching inaccessible spaces in homes, offices, cars, boats, airplanes, gardens, equipment… and the list goes on. When I was fine tuning the product at the design phase, I used several different types of parts to create our CamilyWand™ Sticky Bug Removal Tool™. The first time I used it, the dust, and debris from my beams, high corners,  pot and pan rack, and lighting fixtures amazed me. I needed to wash it several times during my exciting clean up of inaccessible places. Because it was my patented invention, it was quite a thrill to use it. I still enjoy using it for the myriad of tasks to this day, almost 5 years after I started Camily, LLC.

Why did I need to try out these different places? It did the job of removing bugs and those annoying little debris pieces and gnats from my Silhouette® shadings. So I was thrilled to realize the different creative uses for my tool. A reader used it to easily remove her aphids from her rose bushes, other people reached inaccessible places in their cars, and the list goes on. Recently I dropped an earring behind my large, heavy dresser as I was getting ready for an appointment. Being in a rush, I grabbed my CamilyWand™, reached the earring between the dresser and wall, it stuck to the CamilyTip™ and I went on my way. Quick and easy without painful furniture moving!

After you’ve removed all of your bugs and debris from your Silhouettes or other shadings, like Nantuckets™, Luminettes®, Pirouettes®, Vignettes®, Soleras®, Illusions, Shangri- Las or other similar blinds, you and friends we’ll be able to enjoy your views through your shadings.  As a bonus, you’ll find it a “must have” tool for around the house or office.

We trust that you’ll be enjoying your remaining summer days with your families and friends as school begins this fall. Here at Camily LLC, we wish you a safe rest of the summer!


Baseball, Golf, July Barbecues, Bastille Day

We all love the great outdoors in mid summer – the weather brings sunshine, beneficial rain, and longer daylight hours for us to enjoy our summer days. I always feel more productive and energized in the summer. Going to a ballpark for a ball game, playing a round of golf on your favorite golf course, spending time in the garden and having outdoor meals with friends and family. Or for the French people, their Bastille Day that is celebrated on July 14th, is often a reason to give a party.

Bastille Day is the French holiday celebrating their democracy.  Bastille was a prison that represented the monarchy in France, and the people stormed it on July 14, 1789. It is not only the French people that celebrate that day, many will visit the Eiffel Tower, put on their berets and pick up a paint brush ( hoping to become the next Monet), or take a boat ride down the Seine River. Maybe some of our readers have a Bastille Day party planned for Sunday.

Their homes will be ready, their blinds and Silhouettes® will be free of debris and bugs, and they will have an enjoyable time entertaining friends.

I was at a working party last night, where one of our readers had a sunroom full of Silhouettes, and nary a bug in sight. My friend, who was our hostess said, ‘I keep all of the bugs out with my CamilyWand™.’ How rewarding to hear mention of our Sticky Bug Removal Tool™ there. She removes them whenever she sees them, so her filtered views are preserved, her blinds stay in pristine condition and her investment is well maintained. Our tool also works on other window shadings such as Nantuckets™, Luminettes®, Pirouettes®, Soleras®, Vignettes® by Hunter Douglas and Shangri Las, Illusions as well as other similar products on the market.

You might wonder why bugs and debris get into the Silhouette® window shadings. It is the attraction to LIGHT. My friends sunroom overlooks a beautiful garden and pond looking out toward Pikes Peak and the Colorado Rocky Mountain front range. The shadings were down covering the glass with the vanes in the open position, and because she uses the tool often, the filtered view at sunset was spectacular! Times like these are why we brought our CamilyWand™ to the market. Beautiful window shadings, beautiful view and wonderful friends all together for a productive evening~~~ all while enjoying Mother natures’ offerings!

We hope you have a great upcoming weekend with any parties or celebrations you attend!


Fireworks, 4th of July, Patriotic Music

Are you ready… for all the fun and celebrations we have in the United States on the 4th of July? Parades, concerts in the parks, backyard barbecues with friends and families are all ways we celebrate our countries’  founding and the freedoms we share.

In Colorado Springs, Boston and many other cities across the country, we have symphony concerts combined with fireworks shows. There are many wonderful, patriotic songs, such as: Star Spangled Banner,  America the Beautiful, Battle Hymn of the Republic and my favorite, the 1812 Overture  by Tchaikovsky played with cannons firing at the end at our downtown Memorial Park  4th of July Celebration in Colorado Springs.  Long time traditions bring back our warm feelings of independence, freedom and its message.

As we are enjoying our guests and families in our homes for the barbecues and parties, we always want our homes to look their best.  Many of you readers have Silhouette® window shadings by Hunter Douglas in your homes and may have noticed tiny gnats, debris or other bugs in your shadings.  Why they get stuck in there often seems a mystery to us. The magic of light in the shadings is the attraction for them and those of us who own Silhouettes®,  Nantuckets™,  Luminettes®, Vignettes®, Pirouettes®,  Soleras®, Shangri-Las, or Illusions shadings. Light plays such an important place in our lives, it is attractive in many ways.

In a effort to keep our shadings free of bugs, preserving our views and allowing insulation from heat and cooling simultaneously, we have invented and manufacture our CamilyWand™  Sticky Bug Removal Tool™ to address that issue. It is an extension pole with a washable sticky tip which easily grabs the bugs or offending debris. We have determined why the bugs are so attracted to our beautiful shadings, and offer an easy solution for a quick clean up before your holiday parties start.

We know you’ll be pleased with your unobstructed view through your shadings as you entertain your friends and family. We wish you a very happy, safe holiday and join you in letting freedom ring as we patriotically celebrate the 4th of July!