School Days, School Days, Dear old Golden Rule days~~~ announcing the beginning of fall to come! Late summer and early fall are always exciting times for children and young adults who are heading back to school.


It’s a time to get new school supplies, maybe some new clothes and to begin registering for classes, sports and other extracurricular activities. Parents are taking their children to the bus or to schools or driving them to campuses for orientation as we all seek to learn more. It is an exciting time for learning and social activities. As young children, my brothers, sister and I used to buy one new “outfit” that we would possibly wear the first day of school, maybe new shoes and of course all of the new supplies we needed. We went “down town” in Wisconsin Rapids and later Madison to buy our clothes and shoes in anticipation of all the great things that would be happening as we entered a new grade.

At our homes, our parents would be making  necessary transitions  from the summer time laziness and outdoor activities, to more structured schedules and preparing for the fall and winter holidays to come. Organizing our homes from the casualness of summer to the entertaining times of the fall is renewing and refreshing. We’ll have football parties, Halloween preparations and all of the decorating we enjoy at Thanksgiving and the Holidays.

Our readers are tidying their rooms and homes as the seasons move towards fall and winter. We are updating our interiors and the outsides of our homes in preparations for celebrations, the fall and holidays. This interior “tidying” includes our window treatments, blinds and window shadings. Many readers have Silhouette® Window Shading and similar products dressing their windows. They give you 3 options for viewing – a clear view when they are in the headrail, a closed position and an open position when they are covering the glass. In the open position, there is a slightly filtered view of the outside along with insulation and some privacy. An amazing option.

I have directed many clients to the Silhouette® and similar shading options and they love them, as they have so many options and the light coming through the sheers is so iridescent. The light occasionally draws bugs and debris into the vane openings. So we invented and manufacture our CamilyWand™ Sticky Bug Removal Tool™ to easily and safely remove the pests without hurting the shadings. With our tool, the views through the shadings are preserved, pristine and beautiful. As you prepare for your fall entertaining, our CamilyWand™ is a great tool to have handy for your shadings or to remove light weight particles from any inaccessible places in your home.

We at Camily, LLC wish you a very enjoyable and safe start to school and fall.


August Celebrations, School Starting!

Summertime is winding down, with cooler mornings and shorter sunlight time in our days. And our children of all ages are heading back to school.

Today, for my sweet Granddaughter, it’s the first day of preschool; for others, it’s the first day of kindergarten; some are off to college, moving away from home. There were graduations and other celebrations over the summer, barbecues, soccer and baseball games. All fun times with friends and families. As we enjoy each moment of every day, we learn to treasure the time and continuing growth we are blessed to enjoy in this world.

There are many ways we are able to enjoy our lives, both home and away. We keep our homes in good order, clean and nice so we may invite friends to spend time with us. This new off to school time gives us more latitude in getting things done around our homes and offices.  We know as fall approaches that we’ll be entertaining more inside our homes. It’s time to get those cobwebs from the ceiling, light fixtures, ceiling fans, pot and pan racks, and beams. Our CamilyWand™ Sticky Bug Removal Tool™ is just the tool to grab the pesky dirt, debris and bugs. It’s perpetually sticky tip (when kept dust free and washed as needed) will grab little critters, light weight objects, allowing you to do your clean up swiftly and easily.

Its CamilyTip™ sticks to any lightweight object, especially from inaccessible places, using its extension pole to grab the offending object, remove it and then be washed for more work. We designed it when we realized that there were window shading products which were attractive to bugs. Why, you might wonder? It is because the energy from light is like a magnet for bugs, flies, moths, and debris. They would crawl into the open sides of vanes on products like Silhouettes® by Hunter Douglas, bake in there and not be able to get out. So there often are bugs in the middle of the gorgeous blinds, which ruin views and are difficult to remove.

Our CamilyWand™ has almost infinite uses, as our imaginative readers have noticed. It works on blinds like Nantuckets™, Luminettes®, Pirouettes®, Vignettes®, Soleras®, Illusions and Shangri-Las. It is a popular tool for the garden, making pest removal (like aphids) from your flowering blooms a breeze. Car, boat and yacht engine enthusiasts use it to reach into tight spaces and lift light weight objects.

There are many reasons to have our tool in your home. Recently, I dropped an earring behind my dresser, just as I was about to leave for an appointment. I got my CamilyWand™, extended the pole to the right length, touched it to my earring, and retrieved it from behind furniture that would have been difficult to move. And off I went to my meeting.

We hope you will make your cleaning chores easier with our CamilyWand™ as you begin your fall tidying-up projects. And we wish you a very fun filled rest of the summer!


August Warmth, Rains, Schooltime

August is our wettest month in Colorado; we are getting beneficial evening rains in the late afternoon, as is a longtime pattern here in the Rocky Mountains. The good news for us is that these recent rains are going a long way to easing our drought. The rain gave us a gift, photographed by my friends, Debbie and Birdie – a Gorgeous Rainbow today!

Rainbows, sunsets over the mountains and our great Rocky Mountain front range are some of the views we are blessed with here in Colorado Springs. Magic – in Gods Country!

We want you all to be able to see great views through your windows. Those readers who have shadings and blinds that allow “view through” are very lucky to be able to see your views through them when your shadings are down over the glass.  Many of you have Silhouette® type window shadings, screen shadings or sheer type shadings, which will collect dust and debris on and in them over time.

And there are many other needs for reaching inaccessible spaces in homes, offices, cars, boats, airplanes, gardens, equipment… and the list goes on. When I was fine tuning the product at the design phase, I used several different types of parts to create our CamilyWand™ Sticky Bug Removal Tool™. The first time I used it, the dust, and debris from my beams, high corners,  pot and pan rack, and lighting fixtures amazed me. I needed to wash it several times during my exciting clean up of inaccessible places. Because it was my patented invention, it was quite a thrill to use it. I still enjoy using it for the myriad of tasks to this day, almost 5 years after I started Camily, LLC.

Why did I need to try out these different places? It did the job of removing bugs and those annoying little debris pieces and gnats from my Silhouette® shadings. So I was thrilled to realize the different creative uses for my tool. A reader used it to easily remove her aphids from her rose bushes, other people reached inaccessible places in their cars, and the list goes on. Recently I dropped an earring behind my large, heavy dresser as I was getting ready for an appointment. Being in a rush, I grabbed my CamilyWand™, reached the earring between the dresser and wall, it stuck to the CamilyTip™ and I went on my way. Quick and easy without painful furniture moving!

After you’ve removed all of your bugs and debris from your Silhouettes or other shadings, like Nantuckets™, Luminettes®, Pirouettes®, Vignettes®, Soleras®, Illusions, Shangri- Las or other similar blinds, you and friends we’ll be able to enjoy your views through your shadings.  As a bonus, you’ll find it a “must have” tool for around the house or office.

We trust that you’ll be enjoying your remaining summer days with your families and friends as school begins this fall. Here at Camily LLC, we wish you a safe rest of the summer!