Super Bowl Teams Bring Excitement

Our Denver Broncos Super Bowl Bound team treated us to a great exciting AFC Championship game on Sunday.

Peyton Manning is sporting his brand new shirt of the AFC champs in this confetti filled photograph. Congratulations to their success. Our last football games of the season always display great plays, and fun action filled entertainment. Regardless of our home loyalties to different teams, we embrace the Super Bowl experience and treat it as if it were another “holiday.”

Super Bowl parties happen in many readers homes; we make great snacks, wear our favorite teams jerseys and colors and always have a nice time rooting for our teams with our friends. We have our homes looking their best, with everything clean and ready for entertaining your guests at your parties.

Many of our readers have wonderful window treatments in their homes, including Silhouettes® , Pirouettes®, and Nantuckets™ by Hunter Douglas on their windows. These shadings have views and insulation at the same time, when the shadings are covering the glass and in the open position. These blinds offer such gorgeous see through views of our landscapes with the varied lighting throughout the day that insects get into the vane openings and cannot find their way out.

Lynn, the owner of Camily, LLC,  was bothered that she sold so many of those shadings, and did not have a safe way to suggest removal of the bugs and debris from Silhouette® and similar blinds for her clients. So she invented the CamilyWand™ Sticky Bug Removal Tool™ to address the problem of bug removal and why it happened. The CamilyWand™, with it’s sticky CamilyTip on the end of the pole, has proven to be a valued tool among owners of these wonderful shadings and blinds.

Readers and friends who have these blinds do online searches and order their products from us daily, so we feel blessed that we are able to provide such an excellent solution for them. Other blinds which also collect bugs and debris are Vignettes®, Luminettes®, Soleras™, Shangri-Las, and Illusions. Our tool also reaches inaccessible places to remove light weight objects, and webs from ceilings, lighting fixtures and other hard to reach places.

We at Camily, LLC hope you enjoy your upcoming Super Bowl and are safe.