Sunshine Sparkles, Energizes our Lives

December holidays, winter snows and wonderful, thankful days are ahead. The famous Dallas Divide is our snowy photograph from the San Juan Mountains near the Sneffels range in the southwest corner of Colorado. That is of our most scenic areas in the Rocky Mountains.

This week our Rockies, both in the Mountains and the rest of Colorado are getting much needed moisture from the snowfalls. Ski areas are hopping. As much of the country is experiencing, we are also seeing extremely low temperatures. People are staying inside their homes except for emergencies or snow sport activities. We’re preparing for our holiday festivities by baking, cleaning, and decorating for parties. This is the time for cuddling around fireplaces and enjoying the snow falling outside our windows. We want our shadings to be bug free, so we are able to enjoy those views.

One of our cleaning chores is making certain that we have removed the bugs and debris from our window shadings like Silhouettes® and Nantuckets™ from Hunter Douglas. They also have manufactured, trademarked or registered Pirouettes®, Luminettes® , Vignettes® , and Soleras, which also have side openings, where bugs and debris are able to enter the spaces between the vanes or folds. The pesky critters enjoy the sunshine and iridescence that appears when the sun shines through the open vanes.

We have developed and manufacture our CamilyWand™ Sticky Bug Removal Tool™ for the purpose of reaching bugs and debris from inaccessible places, like the Silhouette® shadings. It is an easy to use tool with a sticky tip on the end, allowing it to grab lightweight insects and debris from many areas of our homes. We suggest that you have it on hand, as the bugs show up at any time and are difficult to remove. We have clients all over the world who love our tool, sing it’s praises and are able to use it on short notice when needed.

Here at Camily, we are wishing you all a wonderful holiday season as you prepare your homes for celebrations or travel to see friends and loved ones.