Summer Time to Enjoy Lazy, Hazy, Crazy Days

Summer Time to Enjoy Lazy, Hazy, Crazy Days gives us time to do relaxing things by balancing our work and breaks in school times with outside recreation and vacations.

Relaxing times are in order for everyone as summer is here. In the US, we’ve ended our school year, families are going on trips and vacations and taking a break from school days. Our schedules allow more flexibility and temperatures make it fun to enjoy the outdoors. We’re enjoying our sporting events, either with our children or those ball games and practices.

The garden always calls me, especially in the summer. We hear the birds and see wildlife here, our flower and vegetable gardens are growing and providing us with beauty in our homes, and the outdoors is calling us to be active. Water fun is in store for the rest of the summer, whether it be swimming, boating, canoeing, rafting or fishing, it is always refreshing and invigorating.  Many of our readers have back yard ponds, brooks and waterfalls. It’s wonderful to enjoy them from our homes with all the summery greenery surrounding them.

As we look through our windows to see our landscapes or seascapes, our readers are able to maintain UV protection in our homes and see their views at the same time by seeing outdoors though our Silhouette® shadings as they cover the glass. If the shadings have managed to collect bugs and debris in the openings, our views become unsightly.

Because there is a need for keeping our shadings, we have developed and patented our CamilyWand™ Sticky Bug Removal Tool™. It is an extension pole with a perpetually sticky tip, when kept clean, that grabs anything in it’s path. It reaches inaccessible and hard to reach spaces: high, behind furniture, and other odd places, picking up debris and insects. Hunter Douglas makes several products where our CamilyWand™ is helpful in removing the pesky critters.

Our goal is to help you get rid of the problem before it ruins your shadings, in case the bugs or moths get crushed during the operation of opening and closing the Silhouettes® or Nantuckets™. Keeping them free of bugs and debris is easy with our tool.

Camily, LLC wishes you a fun and carefree summer, enjoying your friends and families.