Springtime Around the corner, March comes in bringing March Madness, Spring Break and Easter

Springtime is indeed coming – March has come in like a lamb. What a great start to warmer, sunshiny days for 2013. Many of you have experienced some beautiful snowfalls along with the beauty and challenges that accompany them. It will be a wonderful respite to enjoy higher temperatures. As my friend said “March is Marching in Mild!” It started that way for some of us but has quickly changed, bringing snowstorms across much of the country.

We will usher in Daylight Savings Time this weekend, on March 10th at 2 AM, moving our clocks forward 1 hour. You know the adage: Spring forward, fall back. Next week our sunsets will be 1 hour later. Our daylight time is getting longer each day, so those of us who love that will be more productive and happier.

March madness in basketball is almost here. I remember hosting players and friends as a teenager in Madison, WI. They came from all over the state to compete – it was a fun, exciting time. Many of you will be involved in some way as that tradition happens this year.

In preparation for those get togethers, our Easter celebrations, and the final advent of spring, it is important to have your home in order. That includes your window shadings and soft treatments. Many of you have window shadings with vane openings like Silhouettes® by Hunter Douglas, that collect little particles, gnats and bugs. We have invented a tool to help you remove them easily: CamilyWand Sticky Bug Removal Tool™. It does the job well, leaving you with bug free views to enjoy the outside while getting insulation and privacy as well.

The removal process is simple. Our CamilyWand™ works with a sticky CamilyTip™ attached to the end of an extension pole. When inserted into the side opening of the shading, it will grab the offending bug or particle. Then you may remove it, without dragging the tip on the fabric, and have a clear unobstructed view. It is an easy process, works cleanly and quickly, and saves your investment in your shadings from permanent stains left behind by bugs. Our tool works on Silhouettes®, Pirouettes®, Luminettes®, Nantuckets™ and Vignettes® from Hunter Douglas. It also will remove bugs from Illusions, Shangri-La@ window shadings and particles and light weight objects from inaccessible places.

It is best to remove the offensive pests as soon as possible, having your shadings and home ready for these spring occassions. You and your visitors will be happy you took time to preserve your views, protect your shadings and enjoy a clean, warm, inviting home as spring approaches.




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March is a great time to begin that spring cleaning. The month is so busy, it’s a good idea to remove bugs from your Silhouette blinds with our CamilyWand before spring break comes with the Easter holiday on its heals!

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