Spring Equinox brings Promise of Longer days, New Buds on plants, Suns’ warmth, Outdoor activities, Family time

Our Spring Equinox  happened this week, where the sun passes over the Equator and signals more sunshine in the northern hemisphere. The rotation of the earth in relation to the sun will mean longer daylight hours and sun placement “higher” in the sky. The sun goes as far north as Baja California, so at that point, June 21st it is as high in the sky as it will be. We have just had our daylight savings time change and are adjusting to the hour of later light. This, combined with the spring equinox, promises sun filled days that allow us to enjoy the outdoors for several more hours as spring rolls into summer.

Barbecues, backyard games, baseball, soccer, golf, tennis, and many more sports bring more outdoor time. We enjoy that healthy time in the sun. I typically garden until it gets too dark to see the plants – very theraputic for me. We leave our doors open to move inside and out when we grill, picnic or play outdoors. The sun will heat up the inside of our homes in a solar energy fashion. The sun is getting higher and hotter as we move through the spring equinox.

Those of us in the window covering industry have long known the value of window shadings for use in heat and cooling of our interiors. During the winter, we discussed heat savings, such as approximately 60% of the cold kept out of your homes when Silhouette® type of shadings cover the windows, with vanes closed or open. The reverse happens in the summer, when the heat stays on the outside, letting your rooms stay cooler during those hot mid summer days.

In addition to energy saving options, the Silhouette®, Luminette®, Pirouette® and Nantucket™ from Hunter Douglas, as well as Illusions and Shangri-La® from other companies, provide filtered views when the vanes are open, and privacy when closed. These are the only class of products that offer all 3 qualities at the same time. We enjoy the see through views, that at times will collect debris from plants or bugs or moths who get in the vane openings, and can’t get out. We have invented a tool to solve that problem: CamilyWand™. Our Sticky Bug Removal Tool has a sticky CamilyTip that grabs the offensive particle or bug, and easily removes it. It is so sticky that we don’t drag it along the vanes, we carefully remove it from the opening without touching the fabric. Cleaning for your Easter holiday becomes a “fun” chore with our tool.

We at Camily, LLC wish you the best of your holiday celebrations and trust that you will have an enjoyable time with favorite people in your lives.