D) CamilyTip: Quantity of 3




Our Camily Tip is a sticky tip which is tacky enough to attach to bugs, flies, moths, and debris that lodge themselves inbetween the vanes of Silhouette®  window shadings.

We offer it as CT3 to make your bug removal quicker.  We wash the CamilyTip often, allowing stickiness to remain. As the tip gets dusty, it should be washed gently with soap and water. It’s tackiness will reappear for continued uses for your cleaning projects. We have a video on our About Us page demonstrating us washing the tip.

It is offered as CT3 (3 tips) and we have a CT1 (1 tip) option too. Your Sticky Bug Removal Tool™ is manufactured with 1 tip on the end. CT3 is a quantity of 3 additional tips.

We offer SAVINGS when you order the CT3 product.

Many clients enjoy having extra tips, allowing more efficient Bug Removal ~~~

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 9 × 2 in