Romance of Moonlight Evenings and Fading Darkness

We’re at the beginning of February and are enjoying our longer daylight: close to 30 minutes/day. That also means less romantic moonlight – as we’ve enjoyed with our recent full moon. We’re having colorful sunrises and sunsets to brighten our spirits.

As the darkness fades into the longer daylight hours, the sunlight angle brings different amounts of light into our homes. Sunlight coming in through uncovered windows will fade anything in its path over time. That includes flooring like wood, carpets and area rugs, fabrics and upholstered chairs and sofas. It will also damage artwork.

In that light, it is best to choose a window shading that will protect your interiors with the least amount of fading possible. Hunter Douglas has several shadings that provide UV protection while allowing filtered views of your landscapes or seascapes. They are Silhouettes®, Luminettes®, Pirouettes®, and Nantuckets™. There are also Shangri-La® and Illusions from other companies. You are able to see the difference in the sun shining on your floors, for example with the Silhouettes®, and no sun protection. Eventually wood and carpet will fade and fabrics will begin disintegrate. So it is important to keep the sun from fading your interiors and furnishings.

We often put Silhouettes® blinds in our clients’ homes for the very reason that they are able to have the insulation, views and privacy all with one shading. When they get bugs and debris between the vanes in their shade, they use our CamilyWand Sticky Bug Removal Tool™ to easily and quickly remove the offending critters. You will save your Silhouette® from getting spots and preserve your view. Your UV protection with the Silhouette® is 99% when the vanes are closed for privacy and 88% when they are open for your filtered views.

Be sure to pay attention to your sun patterns and do your best to keep your fabrics and flooring in good condition by sparing them from the suns rays. That simple control will buy you years of life for your home furnishings.