Patriotism Sparkles in The Skies on July 4th

Patriotism Sparkles in The Skies on July 4th, for awesome, heartfelt celebrations of the United States Independence Day. Grilling brats and hot dogs for a picnic is an all time American tradition to celebrate the 4th of July!

We are blessed and grateful to live in a free country and use this day to share time with friends showing our patriotism. So many people have wonderful parties, cities put on amazing fireworks displays – some add music from their symphonies and philharmonics.

Whether we spend the holiday at our homes or go out with friends to celebrations in our communities, we like to see firework displays. Enjoying them through our windows at night is a thrill – and shouldn’t be marred by bugs in debris in your window shadings that allow you to see through them while covering the glass. Some window shadings like Silhouettes® tend to collect bugs and debris inbetween the vanes, which  need to be removed. We have developed a tool to do exactly that, our CamilyWand™ Sticky Bug Removal Tool for that purpose™.

At CamilyWand, we are enjoying our summer and wish you your happiest, safe 4th of July Holiday!