Olympics Making Athletes Realize Dreams

Olympics Making Athletes Realize Dreams this week is such a wonderful positive event for the world audience witness. We are fortunate to be able to see the amazing athletes perform in Sochi, Russia during these few weeks.


Some of our favorite athletes are realizing their dreams during these Olympic games in Sochi, shining for the entire world as they compete. Though she competes in the Summer Olympics, I enjoyed Maria Sharipova leading the Russian Torch Bearers into the stadium at the Opening Celebrations. The talent level is extreme, and the perseverance and discipline to get to that high level of performance is amazing. From all of the varied sports and homes of the athletes, we all seem to find some way to connect to the action of the games.

Our evenings and weekends find us gathering in our family and great rooms to see the performances, some on ice and some on snow. I’m amazed by the technicality of all of the sports, whether they are team or individual competitions. We like to enjoy the games with parties and meals around our televisions, taking time to relax.

We have our homes and rooms prepared for game time by keeping them clean and tidy. Our window treatments are important assets to our rooms and they should be as clean and dust/debris free as possible. Many readers have beautiful Silhouette® type window shadings, made by Hunter Douglas. They allow views through their sheer fabrics when the blinds are covering the glass and the suspended vanes are in the “open” position. The light streaming through the window attracts bugs and debris, as they are able enter through the side openings of the shadings. They love the warmth, and aren’t able to find their way out of the openings. So they dry up and stay there.

Lynn, our longtime interior designer, invented a tool that would stick to debris lodged in inaccessible places, like the Silhouette® and similar types of blinds. It is our CamilyWand™Sticky Bug Removal Tool™, comprised of an extension pole and perpetually sticky tip (when kept clean). It safely removes the pesky insects from window shadings like Silhouettes®, Nantuckets™, Pirouettes®, Luminettes®, Vignettes®, Soleras™, Illusions and Shangri-Las, leaving your “blinds” looking fresh and new with an easy, quick way to solve the problem.

We recommend that our readers, designers and commercial blind cleaning companies keep our CamilyWand ™ on hand to handle that blind emergency that could happen right before a dinner party, or Olympic game get together at our homes. It only takes seconds to remove insects that could damage your window shadings if left in between the vanes. They are available at our shop page on this website or by phoning Lynn at 719-598-1018.

We here at Camily, LLC hope you have a wonderful time enjoying the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia and your Valentines Day!