New Beginnings for 2013: Prepare for a Fresh New Year with Endless Opportunities

The excitement of starting a New Year in 2013 is contagious! We are ready for changes, some we will control, and others that will turn into opportunities. Our challenge will be to recognize those chances to change our lives and surroundings. During our first few months we often focus on our interiors as it is wintry in many areas of the country, and often very cold outside, depending on the location you call home.

We have mentioned the suns’ placement in the atmosphere and its affects on our interiors in past blog posts. It cannot be stressed enough as to how this plays on our homes’ interiors. Interior furnishings take a beating from the sun when the windows are not covered with some sort of treatment. Most people consider privacy and insulation as the reason for window shadings. It goes much farther than that. Our blog post: Golden Sunshine….  details information on different types of window shadings.

We want you to realize that ANY SUNLIGHT will cause fading of wood floors, furnishings and fabrics over time. This includes sunlight from the north, south, east and west. Often people think that northern outside light will not have this affect. Even when the sunlight doesn’t come in through the windows, there will be sunlight damage. Our sun is now moving north from the Tropic of Capricorn heading toward the Equator (on March 21st) and the Tropic of Cancer (on June 21st). With our holiday celebrations, people often miss that crucial sun event –  the Winter Solstice on December 21st.

When the sun reaches the Tropic of Cancer in June, it has come as far north as it will. We are able to watch the suns’ movement by paying attention to the sunrises and sunsets in relation to the landscapes outside of our homes. From our Camily offices, we look at the sunset patterns as the sun sets behind our Rocky Mountain Front Range. The Tropic of Cancer is located at the latitude that goes through the Mexican state of Baja California Sur, the Bahamas, Africa and India. That is south of the continental United States, so none of us in the lower 48 states will ever have sunlight coming directly into our rooms from true north. But even when your rooms face north and you have awning protection outside, there will be fading in your interiors unless you have some great UV protection at your windows.

We suggest a product by Hunter Douglas called Silhouettes® to give you excellent UV protection while you’re able to enjoy your views. (The other products that provide similar UV protection are Luminettes®, Pirouettes®, and Nantuckets™.) They generally give you more than 85% UV reduction when they are in the open position with the shading covering the glass. This goes a long way to preserving your floors and furnishings  from sun fading and sun rot.

The shadings that provide so many great features also attract bugs and debris because the bugs love the light and move into the vanes to bask in the sun. They often die there, needing to be removed as soon as possible. They leave spots if they are left in the shading too long. We have invented CamilyWand™ to solve the sticky bug removal problem. It is the only commercial tool specifically developed for that purpose. It is an easy, safe, inexpensive solution for removing the pests that are attracted to the shadings.

As you plan your 2013 home improvement projects or plans for new construction, consider all the ramifications of your window covering solutions. We’ve passed through the short daylight hours and are heading toward longer daylight until mid-June. We have answers to your window covering concerns, and how they benefit the preservation and investment in your home furnishings through your selection of your shadings. We are here to help you.