Mothers Day, Time to Honor your Mother, Be Grateful for Everything she has Done for You on the Years Sweetest Day!

Mother’s Day is coming on Sunday, May 12th, which is traditionally celebrated on the second Sunday in May. It’s the day we honor our Mothers with parties, meals, gifts and fun times.

The Mother’s Day tradition goes back as  far as the 1870’s when Julia Ward Howe established Mother’s Day for Peace. Julia, a New Englander, wrote the “Battle Hymn of the Republic” after she was inspired by a meeting with Abraham Lincoln in the fall of 1861.

However Anna Jarvis is given credit to the modern Mother’s Day, which she officially established in 1908. Her mother, Ann Jarvis had started a tradition honoring families after the Civil War and Anna’s tradition was a continuation of her mothers efforts. She also created the Mother’s Day International Foundation, designating the 2nd Sunday in May to be the celebration day.

When we are either entertaining for our mothers or honoring them in our homes, it is important to give a good presentation with a clean home. Our window treatments , always a focal point in our homes, should look their best. Many of you have Silhouettes® or similar shadings made by Hunter Douglas in your homes. The Silhouettes® seem to collect little pieces of debris in between the vanes, which need to be removed. We have invented our CamilyWand™ Sticky Bug Removal Tool™ to help with this task. It is an extension pole with a perpetually sticky Camily Tip™ that will grab the debris in your shadings as well as cling to dirt and webs on ceilings,  important papers which have fallen behind furniture amd a myriad of other uses. In the window shading arena, it works on Nantuckets™, Pirouettes®, Luminettes®, Vignettes®, Solera®, Illusions, and Shangri-La® shadings. These are all wonderful shadings and it is important to keep a clear, unobstructed view while you insulating your home and getting protection from the suns rays. Keeping the shades bug free, allowing beautiful light and views is essential for  clean looking focal points in your home.

We at Camily, LLC wish a Happy Mother’s Day to our mothers and a happy time for celebrating this Sweetest Day of the Year!