Memorial Day Week, June Celebratory Parties

Enjoying Memorial Day week and continuing Celebratory parties touches many of us during this end of May, beginning of June time. Travels to honor graduates, celebrating weddings, family reunions, new babies, and planning summer family vacations is exciting for us. We anticipate, plan and enjoy our time when many students are away from school. This is why we love our summertime.

We’re making plans for dinners, parties and gifts. We’re remembering our loved ones and ancestors who have fought for our freedoms with family get togethers. Bakeries are enjoying a busy time, flower shops are hopping with spring and early summer blooms for bouquets and corsages. We want these events to be special, so we go to great lengths to build family memories.

I remember making high school graduations for my children very special. For my daughters’ party we had tour of the NORAD, North American Aerospace Defense Command,  inside Cheyenne Mountain. We all enjoyed our amazing visit into the mountain and were very lucky. My friend arranged the tour, which was in the mid 1990’s. It was not an easy feat and now NORAD does not function like it did then. It still tracks Santa’s travels on Christmas Eve, however most of the operations were moved to our nearby Peterson Air Force Base. We created a wonderful memory our friends and relatives will not easily forget.

Our home was ready, the dining room buffet and cake were all set for our guests. I had my Silhouette® shadings lowered with the vanes open to allow my guests to enjoy our wooded, Pikes Peak views, to prevent the UV rays from ruining the furnishings, and to keep the late spring heat outside. Those particular shadings have more options than other blinds and shadings on the market because of their unique construction. Silhouettes® and similar shadings let you enjoy these features simultaneously.

Light plays a large part in interior design, and the Silhouettes® by Hunter Douglas are the epitome of light filtering through the sheer fabrics. The light is warm, iridescent, and welcoming. I find it very invigorating and has health benefits as well. Because the light is so attractive, bugs find their way into the openings and aren’t able to leave. So they often stay in the opening too long and die there.

I  educate my clients about the attributes of Silhouettes® and they often select them for their homes. Because the bugs and debris are detrimental, I realized that we needed to have some professional way to rid the shadings of the bugs. They like the heat and light as much as we do. I saw why the bugs gravitated to Silhouettes® and similar shadings,  and was able to bring CamilyWand™ Sticky Bug Removal Tool™ to the market. I’ve been told by an industry executive that our CamilyWand™ is the “GREATEST THING SINCE SLICED BREAD!”

It’s SAFE, perpetually sticky (when clean) CamilyTip is ideal for lifting the bugs or debris away from the sheer fabric, and removing it from your shadings. Because we don’t want a view littered with bugs, we use the tool whenever needed. It preserves our views, provides insulation and protects our investments in our homes.

We are able to celebrate and enjoy our parties, knowing we have beautiful window treatments to enjoy. We hope you’re enjoying your Memorial Day week and wonderful parties and fun during June.