Memorial Day Celebrates our Freedoms with our Soldiers’ Valor and Bravery

Memorial Day Celebrates our Freedoms with our Soldiers’ Valor and Bravery as they have worked to protect the very freedoms we enjoy every day.

This weekend, we honor our men and women, who are active or retired in the United States Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard and other military units; as well as all of the Veterans who live and those who have sacrificed their lives to protect our freedom with our Memorial Day Holiday.In an ever changing world, the United States has come to rely on our Military men and women to protect us to live in a free country. Since the Boston Tea Party about 250 years ago, we have defended our shores and I am grateful that we are able to do that.

Both my Grandfather, who was a WWI  Veteran, and my Father, who was in the Army in WWII, helped fight for our rights and freedoms. I am very proud that they were willing to step up and protect USA citizens for the freedoms we enjoy.  This soldier, Earl Dibbles Jr., holding our flag in support of our beliefs, was in the Middle Eastern desert in 2014, helping us maintain our freedom.

Some of those freedoms we enjoy are being able to choose what we do, where we live and have the freedom to speak our thoughts. Many people don’t realize what that really means for us in the USA. It means we can get educations, work in fields where we are passionate about serving others, have our own beliefs, and live where we choose to live.

We’ve grown to enjoy the fruits of our labors, when we decide where we will live: in a bustling city, or along shorelines, in the mountains or on the plains. In Colorado Springs, where I live, many of us have gorgeous mountain views of America’s Mountain – Pikes Peak.  We have the freedom to view these beautiful sights from our homes and we are able to save precious energy by using beautiful Hunter Douglas window shadings, like Silhouettes®, allowing us to have a view, energy protection and partial privacy all at the same time.

I use my Silhouettes® effectively to maximize my view of Pikes Peak, efficiently monitoring whether the vanes are open or closed to save energy and enjoy the privacy. When the fabric vanes are open, little pesky gnats and various insects become trapped inside the openings as they are attracted to the light. They need to be removed as soon as possible so they won’t damage the fabric. We at Camily, LLC invented and patented a solution, our CamilyWand™ Sticky Bug Removal Tool™ to easily and safely remove the bugs. That protects the owners’ investment and preserves their beautiful views, while saving energy as well. Our CamilyTip is sticky, so the pests may be easily removed without damage to the shadings. There are many blinds on the market that benefit from our CamilyWand™, both for bug removal and for other “cleaning tasks”.

As you prepare to celebrate Memorial Day Weekend, Camily, LLC wishes you a very safe and happy holiday!