May Baskets filled with Treats, Proms and Graduations celebrate Spring

May Day, the first day of May, brings spring traditions – many of them over thousands of years old. As a young girl, our favorite tradition was making little May Baskets out of construction paper, filling them with goodies and sweets, then leaving them on friends and neighbors doorsteps, ringing the doorbell and running away before they answered the door.

That seems to be a thing of the past, as are many other celebrations for the rite of spring. The northern European countries celebrated before Christian times with ribbon bedecked MayPoles, where young women danced in a circle around the pole holding ribbons that were attached to the top of the May Pole. The ribbons were decorated with flowers, and a May Queen was crowned to lead the celebrations. Those celebrations began as mid season parties – half way between the present equinox and solstice times.

Today we have different celebrations happening. Graduations, proms and spring weddings come to mind. We entertain to honor our graduating students, the special proms and wedding festivities in our homes. Our homes look great, ready to welcome guests.

To make your window treatments look their best, it is an ideal time to be sure they are clean. Many lucky homeowners have Silhouette® or Nantucket™ blinds in their homes, covering the window glass and insulating their homes. At the same time they enjoy beautifully filtered views through the shadings. Often little gnats or bugs sneak into side opening of those shades, made by Hunter Douglas. Because the little bugs and moths love the light, like we do, they are drawn into the shadings and cannot find their way out.

We have developed a tool to easily and safely remove those pesky critters. It is our CamilyWand™Sticky Bug Removal Tool™ which grabs the bugs with its sticky tip, lifts it from the shading and then is washed off of the Camily Tip™ when finished. After washing it is ready for its next use. Your Silhouettes® are then bug free and your  gorgeous views are restored. CamilyWand™ also has farther reaching uses, such as retrieving objects, spider webs and dirt from inaccessible spaces. It works on other shading products like Nantuckets™, Pirouettes®, Luminettes®, Vignettes®, Shangri- La® and Illusion blinds.  We are selling them in North America and Australia at present.

We strive to offer you a safe, easy solution to a problem which has far reaching consequences if not addressed promptly. The gorgeous blinds need your protection to keep them looking crisp and new, as well as protecting your investment.

The shadings will return joy, energy effeciency, and beauty to you for many years to come if maintained properly. Use them to your advantage as you celebrate this May Day and beyond.