March: Sharing Life Giving Moisture for Tulips, Crocuses, Snowdrops to Bloom, and Snow Angels in our Yards

Flowering bulbs like Tulips, Crocuses and Snowdrops will be showing their beautiful blossoms soon and we’ll begin to feel the warmth of spring. March is just around the corner – a busy month for holidays this year. And the weather will be fickle – some colder days and then surprising warm spells thrown in to tease us into thinking winter is over.

I’m always thrilled to celebrate the return of Daylight Savings time in March, and will treasure the longer daylight hours. It always seems to me that I have more time to “get things done” during the daylight, which is untrue. But light and sunlight are both very cheerful to me, making me more productive. Add the flowers, a reminder of Mother Nature at her best, and it is a very positive time.

I’m reminded of some time I recently spent in the Wisconsin, where  the temperatures dipped below Zero overnight. It was cold working near the windows, where some of the computers were located. With the aluminum miniblinds at the windows I froze when I worked in that room. The cold was transmitted right through the glass, causing a greater heating bill to keep the room warm. I remembered how nice it is to work with wonderfully insulated Silhouettes® at my windows in Colorado Springs. I’m certain that I’ve recovered most of the initial investment in my Hunter Douglas Silhouettes® by keeping them down in the open position in the windows when the weather is cold. It is a great feeling to save energy and not waste our dwindling natural resources. Adding the bonus of a beautiful shading, allowing a filtered view, privacy and insulation simultaneously, I feel I’m in a great position to continue keeping warmth in my home.

Sometimes bugs and debris find their way into the Silhouette®, Luminette®, Nantucket™, Vignette® and Pirouette® shadings. We have invented a tool to easily remove the bugs and debris from your shadings: CamilyWand Sticky Bug Removal Tool™. It is a simple extension pole with a perpetually sticky tip, which retains its stickiness when it is washed after each use. People put the CamilyWand™ into the side of the vane openings, grab the pesky bug, insect or plant, then carefully remove it from the side of the opening, and their blind is bug free, allowing their gorgeous view to return.

We produce our CamilyWand™ to help the millions of Silhouette® owners keep their beautiful window shadings in excellent condition. Home owners, window covering professionals and interior designers all love the ease of use with superb results, keeping the valuable shadings bug free and looking like new!