Loves Kindness, Energy, Sweetness Conquers All

Loves Kindness, Energy, Sweetness Conquers All in life: Friends, Spouses, Family, and Relationships that share love in many ways.

Valentine’s day is traditionally one of the most popular days to celebrate love. Often it is the romantic love that is celebrated then, but other love is important to remember: love of friends, family other than spouses, people who have influenced you during your life, and others who make an impression on you. Universal love is something kind to share.

We’re seeing heart inspired gifts in the stores, magazines, and on television to help us express kindness and love to our friends. The caring, loving, kindness and compassion is just as important to share with your favorite people. We’re able to do that every day besides February 14th. We’re able to give much to our loved ones during the year in all sorts of ways: little things, treats of needs in your homes or travel for a break from your work life are some loving gifts we can share.

At Camily, LLC, we give our readers and friends the gift of unobstructed views through our window shadings like Silhouettes® and similar shadings by offering an easy solution to remove bugs and debris that lodge in between the vanes. They are some of the most prestigious products on the market which disperse light throughout the room when they are covering the window in the open position. Debris and small bugs often find their way into those openings, and should be removed as soon as possible. We invented a tool to just that: our CamilyWand™ Sticky Bug Removal Tool™. Readers are safely and easily able to remove the offending pests when they find them in their shadings.

Hunter Douglas makes many styles of blinds and shadings, (such as the Silhouettes)® like Nantuckets™, Pirouettes®, Luminettes®, Vignettes®, Soleras™ where our tool is helpful. Other companies have similar offerings where our CamilyWand™ is perfect for use. Should you be fortunate enough to have some of these types of shadings or are planning on purchasing some of them, you will enjoy having our CamilyWand on hand for the shadings and retrieving light weight items and debris from inaccessible places.

We at CamilyWand™  hope you enjoy your friends, Valentines Day and parties over the coming weekend.