June Summer Beach Fun

Are you going to the beach this summer or traveling on a cruise to tropical beaches? Will you be celebrating graduations or weddings at waterfront homes or resorts? I hope to have some  time near the water during the rest of  the spring or summer months.

Homes and resorts with water views will have blinds and shadings on their windows that accentuate the views and minimize the glare and UV rays. Many types of shadings will block the sun and allow great views. But the only family of shadings that gives you a filtered view, substantial energy savings and privacy at the same time is the Silhouette® type of shadings. Hunter Douglas manufactures other products that offer similar advantages. They are Nantucket™, Luminette®, and Pirouette® shadings. Other manufacturers offer Illusions, Shangri-Las® and similar blinds.

Silhouette® shadings are a staple in my interior design business because of those attributes. The magical way the light is refracted is gorgeous for people and a big draw for insects and bugs. This is why I invented our CamilyWand™ Sticky Bug Removal Tool™.  Because pests love the light, they travel into the vane openings and often get stuck there. Having a simple, easy and safe way to remove them is important to my clients, so I made that possible with our tool.

When our clients want a pristine, filtered ocean view and it is marred by pests or derbis, they’re able to remove them easily, quickly and effeciently. Having the CamilyWand™ readily available to clients is a big plus for me. So my clients who order Silhouettes® now get it as a thank you gift. They are always grateful, telling their friends about it and singing its’ praises.

As you move into the summer entertaining, whether or not you live at the waters edge, keep our tool in mind. It will make your “cleaning” chores simpler and give you time to do the things you love.

We wish you a safe, enjoyable and fun summer, wherever you are or whatever you do. Have a wonderful, fun summer!