Indian Summer Brings Barbecues

What great fall and Indian Summer type weather we are having! Our time seems to fly by, so we need to enjoy these colorful fall days!

Football games, family parties, outside activities and barbecues are on our minds. That chicken on the Weber grill  looks so good! It can cook all through a football game, and be ready to eat just as your team wins.  Then you’re able to move to the inside of your home for your meal as the sun drops behind the horizon and the temperatures dip. This is fall at its best.

Fall is also a great time to take advantage of the warm day temperatures to air out our homes, do some fall touch up cleaning and make our homes warm and cozy for the cooler temperatures on their way. With October being such a transitional month, we at CamilyWand™ think it’s a great time to get everything ready for the upcoming holidays.

CamilyWand™ is the answer to retrieving  bugs, dirt and debris which are attracted to light, especially in our window shadings such as Silhouettes® and Nantuckets,™ by Hunter Douglas. Light is an energy source, so we and pesky bugs want to be in the light or have it around us. Bugs often crawl or fly into inaccessible places like the blinds or high corners in rooms. Our tool was invented for that purpose. It is an extension pole with a silicon CamilyTip which is washable and reusable when cared for according to our Care Instructions. It must be clean to grab dust and debris. We know of readers who have picked up papers and earrings from behind heavy furniture, removed aphids from roses, cleaned cobwebs from cornices, ceilings and beams. Its uses are extensive, both inside and outside the home and office.

It works on other window shadings as well: Hunter Douglas Pirouettes®, Luminettes®, and Vignettes® and Soleras™. Other companies, like Allan + Roth,  Smith and Noble, and Comfortex produce products like Shangri-Las, Illusions, and sheer shading products which collect bugs and debris that need to be removed to protect your views and investments.

We are enjoying our cleaning chores with our CamilyWand™. It makes it fun to see where it will work as we move through our fall cleaning. I used the CamilyTip in the bottom rail of my sliding doors and people use it in sliding windows as well. It is flexible enough to fit into many areas, thus its uniqueness and versatility. It seems there are always new ways to use our versatile CamilyWand™.

As you move through your early fall, be safe and enjoy Mother Natures offerings that only appear at this time of year.