Indian Summer, Bobbing for Apples

Does Bobbing for Apples whet your appetite to enjoy our Great Indian Summer weather,  which we’re experiencing now?

Apple pie, Bobbing for apples, and Caramel apples are a few of the fall traditions –  or maybe it is picking a ripe apple from the tree and enjoying a snack. Our photo from the Wisconsin countryside brings back memories or crisp fall days with hay rides, the last of the picnics before cooler weather, upcoming Halloween parties and many other ways to celebrate our harvest season!

With these nice temperatures one day and snow the next, those of us who have already experienced that phenomenon are taking advantage of the warmth to get our homes ready for the holidays. Getting that cleaning touch-up started on nice days is a smart way to plan for holiday gatherings with friends and family.

We at CamilyWand™ encourage you to get a jump on that preparation. Many of you have gorgeous Silhouette® blinds, which may have collected little bugs and debris within the vane opening, leaving an unsightly view through the shadings when they are covering the glass in the open position. To preserve your filtered views through the shadings, allowing insulation and views simultaneously, is why we invented our CamilyWand™ Sticky Bug Removal Tool™ for blind and general cleaning. It is also a useful product for many diverse needs – removing cobwebs from hard to reach places, picking up papers and light weight objects from behind furniture and inaccessible places, removing aphids from roses, retrieving earrings from behind dressers ahd reaching things in your cars that would be difficult to pick up otherwise.

Silhouettes are manufactured by Hunter Douglas, who also makes Luminettes®, Pirouettes®, Vignettes®, Nantuckets™, and Soleras™ which may collect bugs and debris too. Illusions and Shangri-Las are names of similar products made by Comfortex, Smith+Noble, and Allen+ Roth, which have the same basic design and debris issues. Our CamilyWand™ is there to help people who own those products too.

CamilyWand™ is easy to use, preserving your beautiful views through the shadings and improving your home maintenance tasks. We are here to help and assist you in keeping your shadings bug free and your homes in good condition at a moments notice. Having our tool ready when the need arises is our goal for your home’s beauty and maintenance.

CamilyWand™ wishes you a happy end to October and the best for your upcoming celebrations with family and friends.