Ball Games, Peanuts, Sandy Beaches

Baseball fever is upon many of us this summer. Even those of us who are not baseball gurus can’t help but be pulled into the fun team sport. Loyalties come out for favorite teams, the teams some of us knew as children often remain as our favorites. Hot Dogs, Peanuts, and Cracker Jack sold by vendors coming to the stands is a normal sight. Fun, sunny summer.

Beaches are draws for many of us who only want to relax by some beautiful water and go in for a swim to cool off after sunbathing. Some of us visit lake side homes, small or large; some of us spend time on ocean beaches or gulf shores. Or you may have magnificent mountain views, stunning city scape views, garden and natural views or nice neighborhood views. Whatever your views, we all want to be able to enjoy them.

Many of our readers have beachside homes or homes with great views and have chosen to preserve their views from their windows with the insulative protection of Silhouette® blinds. These window shadings have sheer fabrics on the front and back of vanes that connect between them. They provide wonderful plays on light and warmth. This is why bugs go into the side openings of the shadings. They find their way in and aren’t able to get out. Should they expire in between the vanes, they can harm the Silhouette® shadings, as well as Nantuckets®, Vignettes®, Luminettes® and Pirouettes® from Hunter Douglas. Other companies produce similar Shangri-Las and Illusions.

As a long time interior designer, I knew why the bugs and debris became lodged in the Silhouette® shadings. My readers were frustrated with this and wanted a solution. So I invented our CamilyWand™ Sticky Bug Removal Tool™, which has a perpetually sticky tip attached to the end of an extension pole, for grabbing the little critters. It is a safe, inexpensive answer to our bugs in blinds problem as well as reaching items from high and inaccessible places. Keeping your home and living spaces clean and bug free is a breeze with our CamilyWand™.

We have many summer days for entertaining, and we want you to have the best tool to keep you shadings bug free, and your home in beautiful condition. Have a wonderful, fun filled summer!