Honoring our Presidents Day with a Warm Weekend Getaway to Sunny Climates

Our Presidents Day holiday is coming soon, when many of us will be travelling to see friends and relatives or to visit warmer temperatures. For many years we traveled to Arizona to visit relatives on that weekend, escaping the Colorado weather for a few balmy days in the sun. The beautiful bouganvillea bushes were blooming everywhere, and there was colorful lantana.  Grapefruit or oranges ripe for picking, were the welcome sights to remind us of upcoming warmer temperatures.

For those of us who have lived or do live in northern areas with colder temperatures, the respite was always welcome. Many people escape to second homes or condos during winter to get relief from the snowy, colder weather. As beautiful as the sparkly white snow is, and as refreshing as a blanket of new snow appears, its always fun to spend a few days in Florida, Texas, Arizona, California or whatever southern area you’d like to visit.

When visiting or entertaining company, we want our homes to be at their best. Many of us have Silhouette® window shadings or blinds in our homes. Or we have Pirouettes®, Vignettes®, Luminettes® or Nantuckets™ made by Hunter Douglas, on our windows. These products provide superior insulation, views and privacy at the same time. They all have openings which allow debris and bugs to become lodged between the fabrics. Silhouettes® are especially vulnerable as they have large openings on the sides, and bugs are drawn to the light coming through the shadings.

We, at Camily, LLC, have sold Silhouette® shadings in our business for years and decided to manufacture our patented tool: CamilyWand Sticky Bug Removal Tool™ to provide a safe, easy bug removal system to keep your blinds and investment in excellent condition. Bugs left in the shadings can permanently damage the blind. Our tool has a simple sticky tip, the CamilyTip, at the end which grabs the bugs, moths or insects in the difficult to reach interior space between the vanes. We then remove it carefully so it doesn’t touch the fabric during removal, and we have a restored bug free view.

Our guests and families will be able to appreciate the outdoors with the insulative protection, privacy and view at the same time, when we have removed the offending pests. We want to keep our shadings free of debris and bugs, and should make that a part of our cleaning rituals and habits.

If you are travelling to a special place over the President’s Day holiday or relaxing at home, we wish you a safe trip and the opportunity to clearly see and enjoy Mother Natures offerings,  without any unwanted obstructions.


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If you are fortunate enough to have Silhouettes or are considering purchasing them for your home, it’s a comfort that the CamilyWand Sticky Bug Removal Tool is available to keep your unobstructed view and protect your investment!

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