Halloween Goblins Creeping at Night

Halloween Goblins, Ghosts, Witches – W00000000- SCARY! Watch out this week  as Halloween approaches! Are you ready for trick or treaters?

Last weekend many of us attended Halloween parties and started our little holiday celebration early. Signs of the harvest, pumpkins, gourds, beautiful displays of flowers like Mums, Asters, Kale, Cabbage are decorating home entries and store fronts, celebrating the abundance we enjoy in our lives! Fall color, weather and sun angles are absolutely stunning, a true gift of Mother Nature!

Is your home ready for the bountiful fall season? Have you been spending time preparing comforting foods like zucchini bread, butternut squash soup, pumpkin pies? What a treat we have with our colorful and tasty fall vegetables, after they’ve finished their growing season.

With all the Halloween celebrations, parties, and preparing for the upcoming holidays, is the inside of your home ready for guests and festivities? Have you prepared for our Daylight Savings Time leaving this weekend? I’m scurrying around to get those chores I would usually do in the early evening, done before dinner. We’ll have almost 2 months of longer evenings before the sun starts it’s way  back north towards the Tropic of Cancer a few days before Christmas.

One of my chores is removing the little gnats, bugs, moths and flies that are stuck in the vane openings of my Silhouette®, Pirouette®, Vignette®, Luminette®, Nantucket™ and Solera™ window shadings by Hunter Douglas. Other companies make similarly designed shadings like Illusions & Shangri-La’s which have the same issue. The bugs love the light in all seasons and fly into the vane openings, not realizing they have flown into an area where they are trapped. Bugs loving the light in the shadings is WHY CamilyWand™Sticky Bug Removal Tool™ was invented. Dealers and Designers alike, who sell these shadings, think our CamilyWand™ is great; many of them have our bug removal tool in their stores for their Silhouette® customers and people who want general overall cleaning assistance for their homes.

Light is such a big source of energy, it is important to capture as much in our homes as possible. Since Silhouettes® allow filtered views, owners get light into their living spaces when they have partial privacy, insulation and views simultaneously. Bugs between the vanes are unsightly and could possibly harm the blinds. Our CamilyWand™ resolves the Sticky Bug problem. It will grab light weight objects, bugs and debris from high and inaccessible places as well. Keeping our tool ready for these everyday needs is a great idea!

We, at Camily, hope you have a fun, safe, even if ghoulish, Halloween this year!