Glistening Low Sunshine Streaming into your Living Areas Brings you Peace

Favorite ideas and thoughts enter our minds during each season. We are in the middle of our winter months, when the temperatures dip, often to uncomfortable levels, and the daylight is shorter. Finding interesting and fun outdoor activities can be challenging. When it snows, we are blessed with moisture for our yards and gardens.  Special snow effects marking texture in our yards, and making marshmallow like formations as it covers plants and structures, provide interest that only happens in winter.

In such a beautiful atmosphere, there are enjoyable, sporting activities like ice hockey, ice skating, skiing, and sledding. Or we are able to enjoy sleigh rides driven by horses, and gorgeous walks in the snow. Teams of huskies pull sleds in The Iditarod Trail  Sled Dog Race in Alaska from Anchorage to Nome. Some people thrive in very cold areas, all providing entertainment outside.

As we warm up in the inside after enjoying our play time outside, we light fires in our fireplaces,  and enjoy hot toddies or hot chocolate. Our environment has many ways of absorbing warmth besides our household heating. Solar heat is especially effective with our windows in our homes. Smart use of our window shadings is available for us to save energy and keep your home and hearths warm and cozy.

Through those windows, we’re often able to watch people enjoying the wintertime sports. We use varied window coverings and are able to view the outside if we have Silhouettes® or similar treatments covering our glass. The Silhouettes® allow a filtered view along with energy savings and UV protection. They will often be a bug magnet, drawing them into the vanes and trapping them there as they cannot find their way out. When they get caught, it is important to remove them as soon as possible. We have invented a tool to solve that problem: our CamilyWand Sticky Bug Removal Tool™.  It’s sticky, removable, washable tip grabs the offending bugs, moths, flies and debris; it safely and easily removes the pesky bugs. Your shades will give you the unobstructed view you’ve come to expect from a superior window shading.

As you enjoy the advantages of winter, keep the fun times in mind and remember to keep the inside of your home and your window shadings in great shape. Our CamilyWand™ is a great tool to have on hand for your window shading cleaning needs. All of your favorite outside activities are sure to bring you closer to Mother nature to enjoy her gifts!