Gardening, Cheering sports teams, Backyard Barbecues, Entertaining Relatives and Friends are Fun May activities

May is a glorious time for natures’ floral bounty, signaling blooming bulbs, budding floral trees and bushes – all of it specific to the increasing warmth Mother Nature provides in mid spring. Generally our floral trees blossom throughout May – evening temperatures will affect the buds, sometimes causing the flowering buds not to open. With our late Colorado snows, I noticed my forsythia has scant blooms, but I’m enjoying the ones it has. The blossoms cheer our thoughts as we move through a busy month.

Our youth are very busy, so Moms and Dads keep going and going like energizer bunnies. It is such a fun, memorable time to enjoy, it’s best to be as healthy as possible. Luckily many things we do help promote our health. This is National Womens Health Week – a good time to start springtime rituals of outdoor sports, running, walking, gardening, spring cleaning and many calorie burning activities. I tend to cross train with walking and gardening during this time of year.

During my work week, I haul my Hunter Douglas sample books into clients homes, get on ladders to stretch in measuring for shadings or draperies. Or I measure for carpeting, furniture and its placement, etc. I’ve been selling the Hunter Douglas Silhouette® shadings since they were introduced to the market in the early 1990’s. Over the years, my clients and I noticed that debris and sometimes bugs collected between the vanes of these wonderful shadings. The Silhouettes® are very popular when people realize that they are able to have a filtered view, insulation and sun protection at the same time. Since the styling, fabric colors, textures and choices are vast, they fit into both casual and elegant styles.

It seems as though different insects enjoy the light as much as we do, and are drawn into the openings of the Silhouettes®, Nantuckets™,Soleras®, Luminettes®, Pirouettes®, Vignettes®, Shangri-Las® and Illusions shadings. They seem to enjoy basking in the sun, and then cannot find their way out. So to retain the beauty of the shadings, protect your investment, and get rid of the pesky critters that enjoy the warmth, we invented CamilyWand Sticky Bug Removal Tool™  to allow clients a bug free view.

Since insects don’t comprehend the difference between inside and outside, they sneak into our homes in many ways. Our CamilyWand™ clients from various different parts of the country describe all kinds of unusual bugs that crawl into their Silhouettes® to me. I think my client with the gecko wins the prize in that one. Whatever types of insects or debris get into your shadings, it is best to get them removed as soon as possible. They can be ruinous to your shadings if left there for long periods of time. Our sticky CamilyTip™ at the end of our extension pole does the job safely, quickly and easily, helping you maintain your preserved view and your investment.

While you’re enjoying your springtime activities, take some time to survey your surroundings, appreciate them and participate in great activities to keep you happy and healthy.