Frosty, Sparkly, Snowy Days Bring Cozy Feelings

Our winters offer beauty like none other with gorgeous white snow, sunlight reaching us and entering our homes at a lower level. We spend more time feeling like enjoying the fireside, hot chocolate and the joys of being inside our homes. It’s time to consider what we would like to do to increase the joy of living and spending time in the comfort of our homes.  The light reflecting off the snow and into our homes is sparkly at sunrise and sunset times – special to witness.

Winter in the US gives us long southern sun exposure. The light and solar heat comes farther into our homes because of the suns’ angle and its location in the southern hemisphere. At sunrise and sunset, we always get sparkly light shining into our rooms, accented by blinds like Hunter Douglas Silhouettes®. They give us great UV protection on our interior furnishings – 88% when the vanes are open and 99% when closed. The sparkly effect happens when the vanes are open and the sun is at a low angle at dawn or dusk.

Because the Silhouettes® are such a great insulator, allowing views and privacy at the same time, they are very popular shadings. When they are in the down position with the vanes open, covering the glass, flies, bugs and debris tend to collect between the vanes. They are attracted by the golden, sparkly light, exactly what we enjoy. Once they get into the openings between the vanes, they are unable to find their way out. They often roast there and need to be removed. We invented and manufacture our CamilyWand™Sticky Bug Removal Tool™ for that chore as well as to reach other inaccessible places in your home. It is a simple, safe, easy to use tool that protects your Silhouette® blinds and keeps your investment looking like new for years to come. CamilyWand™ also works on shadings like Luminettes®, Pirouettes®, Nantuckets™, Shangri-La® and Illusions.

It’s a good idea to have our CamilyWand™ on hand for those times when a pesky bug mars your view. Removing the offending insect as soon as possible is best.

We want to help you keep your home and window shadings beautiful and have them serve you well for years to come. The gorgeous views will stay that way if you’re able to keep the bugs away from your vanes. Then you’ll enjoy your cozy feelings with your iridescent light from your shadings all through the year.