Football: College Saturdays & Pro Sundays!

Autumn leaves, football  –  great ways to spend your fall weekends! There is an energy in College Football that is like no other! This is Camp Randall filled with UW Badger Fans!

Back in the day, I used to spend every University of Wisconsin home game Saturday at Camp Randallwatching football, along with 80,000+ others – even when we weren’t winning. Now we have alums like Monte Ball, who is playing with the Broncos, and many Rose Bowl trophies.

Somehow, fall and football to together, along with the beautiful color in the changing leaves. Growing up in the midwest was a treat for the eyes. I always loved to rake leaves and see the intermingling of gorgeous cranberry reds, rusts, golds, and yellows all together. For many of our readers, the fall brings back fond memories.

After enjoying the game, we’d go to after- football parties at friends homes, enjoying the warmth of home cooking, home fires where we roasted s’mores, drank apple cider and ate other goodies. Our hosts had their homes ready for company and we enjoyed sunsets and fall views, often through the the sheers of blinds covering the windows.

One of the more popular window shadings which offers filtered views when the vanes are open is the Silhouette® blind by Hunter Douglas. It is a beautiful shading with sheers on the front and the back and vanes connecting the sheers to make a long, horizontal area with openings at the side. Those openings allow bugs and debris to get caught in the shadings, and they cannot find their way back out to freedom. So they die there and ruin our wonderful views. Readers and customers have ordered our CamilyWands™ during the middle of their meals as they cannot stand the ugliness of a dead, pesky insect in their shadings.

Our safe, patented CamilyWand Sticky Bug Removal Tool™ is the only known professional solution on the market used for that purpose. It works on many other blinds, such as Nantuckets™,  Alustra Luminettes®, Pirouettes®, Vignettes®, Soleras™, Shangri-Las, Illusions, and other similar shadings from different manufacturers. It also reaches debris and cobwebs from inaccessible places, and will pick up lightweight objects from hard to reach areas. It is a great tool to have on hand for a variety of “grabbing” type needs. Many readers have thought of very creative uses for our CamilyWand™, and you may too.

We at Camily hope that as you prepare for fall festivities, you’ll enjoy yourself, treasure Mother Natures shows, and have great times with friends and families!