Feel gratitude, blessings and kindness during this Thanksgiving time

During this time of Thanksgiving and throughout the year, it is important to have gratitude and think of all the things for which we are thankful.

We are often guilty of forgetting the little things we do on a daily basis, which are unique to humans, which were not available to our forefathers,  and which are often taken for granted.  To do this, counting our blessings and feeling gratitude is a rejuvenating act and will improve a challenging situation and lift our spirits. Some people pray, some meditate, some spend time in nature, some write a gratitude journal, and some help others.

Be thankful for important and seemingly little things in your life.

  • We are able to breathe air, allowing survival.
  • We have many hours in a day to accomplish whatever is desired and needed.
  • We have families and friends to share time, interests and fun.
  • We have shelter to enjoy, preserve and maintain.
  • We have health to treasure, realizing that many others struggle with health issues; possibly our concerns are not so terrible.
  • We have furnishings in our homes to use, enjoy and maintain.
  • We have daily choices to determine how we live our lives.
  • We have freedoms given to us by our Constitution.
  • We have vast opportunities
  • We are very fortunate to live where we’re able to fearlessly fulfill and enjoy our dreams.

We  thank you: all of our CamilyWand™ clients, and all of you who read our blog posts.  We are grateful to have invented our CamilyWand Sticky Bug Removal Tool™.  It is designed to remove bugs and debris from Silhouette® window shadings/blinds and lightweight debris or things from inaccessible places.

Our Blessings abound. Have a Happy Thanksgiving, reflecting on abundance!

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On Black Friday, people shopped, improving our economy and putting stores into the “black”, positive retail numbers: something we are very thankful for in regard to our countries’ economy.

Today, November 25, 2012 is the last day of our Thanksgiving celebrations, the time we are thankful for our blessings. For those sunshine lovers, we are less than one month away from the Winter Solstice, December 21st.
The sun will be moving north from the Tropic of Capricorn, so we will have longer daylight hours each day! That is a blessing for which I’m thankful!

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