February Traditions, Leap Year, Spring Predictions, Tease our Desire for Warmer Sunshine

We have recently celebrated Valentines Day,  Presidents Day and Ground Hog Day, and we begin to look forward to our wonderful spring season, about to bloom. Our snow will continue to fall in some areas, in others spring will be more evident sooner rather than later.

Longer days are a welcome sight – and warmer temperatures on some February days give us confidence that we’ll be enjoying snow starting to melt and grass becoming green as February gives way to March.

This is a great time to check on your homes’ interior, decide what needs to be changed, purchased, cleaned or reworked. Often people want to perk up a room in their home for upcoming celebrations like Graduations or Weddings. Now is the time to get started on those projects.

When it comes to window treatments, the sky is the limit for style, design and investment. I always show my interior design clients Silhouettes® as they often are unaware that such a wonderful product exists. It allows filtered sunlight, privacy and insulation to enter your living spaces at the same time. It is one of several products that operate in this fashion, making it a very wise choice for window coverings.

The Silhouettes® are very popular, looking  simple and stunning simultaneously. The light relections are beautiful and allow amazing luminesence in your rooms. It is appealing to our eyes and also attracts bugs and debris. We offer our CamilyWand™ as bug removal solution when they invade the open areas between the vanes. Simply, it is an extension pole with a sticky CamilyTip that grabs anything it touches. Debris and bugs will easily stick to the tip, allowing you to easily remove the offending insect. Then your view will become unobstructed and your investment protected.

As you move into the spring months, keep these ideas in mind should you need an entire home of window treatments or want to perk up one room. The benefits are the same, and your home will reflect your great taste as you move into the celebration seasons of Spring and Summer.

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As we approach the end of February, spring cleaning in our homes is just around the corner. It’s a good idea to check out all of your Silhouette blinds and get the bugs removed as soon as possible. They often do real damage to the shadings when left inside the blind too long.

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