Fall Color, Romantic Weekends

Fall is bringing crisp mornings and a parade of colors as our temperatures dip and we have shorter daylight hours.

Mother Nature is ushering us into a time of celebrations with all of the gorgeous color changes she brings in the colorful leaves and cooler temperatures. Many of us have weathered the summers’ unusual heat and are enjoying the brisk weather. As we do that, we move more of our attentions into the inside of our homes. We’ll still have barbecues and picnics, but will enjoy our kitchens and family rooms more now that fall is officially here.

We’ll be sprucing up our homes with fall cleaning and decorating for Halloween and other holidays. You would enjoy having an all around tool that will reach many varied and inaccessible areas to remove pesky dirt, webs, bugs and debris with it’s perpetually sticky tip. It is our CamilyWand™ Sticky Bug Removal Tool™ and has a silicon tip which is washable after it is covered with dust and other debris. When the sticky tip is dirty and dusty, it needs to be washed to retain its tackiness. The tip is attached to an extension pole, which extends your reach to 4′ or 6′, depending on which length fits your needs best.

We invented the CamilyWand™ for bug and debris removal and have found so many other uses as our readers share their fun cleaning experiences, that we want you to think of different ways you can use our tool in your home. It works very well to get bugs, flies, moths and other debris out of Hunter Douglas Silhouette® shadings. The bugs are attracted to light, like most living beings, become trapped inside the vane openings of the shadings and die there. Debris becomes lodged in the front of the shadings where the vane attaches to the sheer in the front dip of the “S” shape of the vane. These particles are very difficult to remove, and our CamilyWand™ removes them easily and quickly. With our beautiful fall leaves, you might find a small piece of a leaf in that area of your shading.

It works for bug and debris removal in other window shading products also, such as Nantuckets™ Pirouettes®, Vignettes®, Luminettes®, Soleras™ Shangri-Las and Illusions, to name a few. Our readers keep CamilyWand™ in mind as they move through their homes, offices, garages and other places, for grabbing out of reach items or debris. I removed some pests off of one of my inside plants this morning, as it didn’t damage the blossom. Another reader reported removing aphids from her roses. So you see that it’s uses are limitless.

Whatever your fall brings to you, we at CamilyWand™ wish you safe and happy times.