Easter, Passover, Spring Holidays bring fun times; Spring break brings Cozy Family times and Delicious food

As we prepare for our Easter and other religious holidays, I am reminded of the glorious way eggs are revered here and in many other parts of the globe. The religious symbolism in many faiths celebrates the resurrection and the hope of new life. It is considered a time for planting, recognizing the Vernal Equinox. Some say that our Easter is celebrated on the first Sunday after the first full moon, after the Vernal Equinox. Thus we have varied times for Easter celebrations every year. This year it will be on Sunday, March 30th.

In my travels I have collected many different versions of decorated eggs from many different countries. The Europeans share their hope of new life through so many beautiful, different and charming ways. One of my most favorite displays was in Prague, where they hang eggs from branches of huge trees, where leaves and blossoms have not opened. They decorate many of the tall trees all the way to the top with eggs in their Old Town Square to celebrate the new spring season. Some of the trees were 40-50 feet tall, and to see the whole tree covered with eggs hanging from all of their branches was spectacular.

We often have Easter Egg Hunts for our children after our Easter religious celebrations are finished. Many of our holiday meals have delicious, traditional foods to celebrate in our own religious beliefs. Families will visit, enjoying warmer, often sunnier weather. We’ll be enjoying the opportunity to invite our relatives and friends into our homes and share the holiday.

This is an important time to have our homes look as nice as possible. For those of you who have Silhouette® types of blinds, the openings where the vanes rotate may have collected some bugs and debris over time. This also happens to other products in the Hunter Douglas line, like Nantuckets™, Luminettes®, Vignettes® and Pirouettes®. Other companies manufacture Illusions and Shangri-La® blinds that have the same needs. My interior design clients who own these types of products were always asking for ways to remove the bugs and other debris.

So I invented and patented the Award Winning CamilyWand™ to solve the problem. It is a simple extension pole with a continually sticky CamilyTip™ which grabs the offending particles from the vane inside the shading. You carefully remove the pole, wash the reusable tip to remove the debris and it is ready to use again. You’ll protect your investment in your Silhouettes® while keeping your view clear for your guests to see Mother Natures’ beautiful landscapes clearly through your windows as they enjoy dining with you.

We at Camily, LLC wish you the best of your holidays, whether it be Easter, Passover, or the other religions celebrations honoring new life. Have a great Holiday Weekend!