College Visits, School Sports

Fall brings unique activities to our lives. Many of us have visited colleges with our young adults, where they may be attending sporting events or enjoying their new campuses.

This sunrise photo over Lake Mendota at the University of Wisconsin – Madison is a of a view that I might have seen when I studied there.  These beautiful areas in our world lend themselves to thinking and provide breaks from studying, regardless of where you are in your education. It may be college or it may be life lessons. At any rate we are improving our living experience.

When we are in our homes, we also desire a nice living experience.

We do that by paying attention to our surroundings, cleaning our homes after summer fun and preparing for the many upcoming holidays. Many readers use our CamilyWand Sticky Bug Removal Tool™ to take care of these chores and remove pesky bugs, cobwebs and debris from their Silhouette® blinds and other inaccessible or high places. The perpetually sticky CamilyTip™ will grab any lightweight debris from inside the vanes of many types of window shadings. Hunter Douglas manufactures many of those shadings, such as Nantuckets™, Luminettes®, Pirouettes®, Vignettes®, and Soleras™. There are many similar shadings like Illusions, Shangri-La and others on the market as well.

Our CamilyWand™ is also convenient for other clean up chores, such as removing debris from ceilings, difficult corners, chandeliers, beams, ceiling fans and unusual places.

We pride ourselves on the versatility of our removal tool. The CamilyTip is so tacky it attaches to papers that have dropped on the ground or behind furniture, aphids on roses, earrings behind dressers and anything that you have difficulty reaching. One reader purchased our CamilyWand for her elderly Mom so she wouldn’t have to crawl under tables or reach down to pick up things she had dropped — a good idea for gifts.

As the fall season comes and our temperatures drop, enjoy the time inside your home. Be prepared to move those tail gate parties inside if necessary. Whatever fall activities you have planned, we at Camily, LLC wish you fun and safe times.