Cheery Fires, Hot Chocolate, S’Mores Warm Our Evenings

Warm November fires in the hearth, bright flames bringing cheerful light into our homes, is a warm way to start our holidays.

Longer evenings lend themselves to nurturing activities, like sitting around the fireplace for parties and time with friends and families. Such warm and welcoming rooms bring a peace and warmth to our lives like none other. Fireplaces with crackling noises as logs burn, bring such mesmerizing thoughts and dreamy times.

When the sun goes down, we often close our window shadings, as others are able to see into our homes because we see where the light “is” or originates. In the daytime, people do not see “into” our windows from the outside as it is lighter outside with the sunshine. At night, the reverse happens. It is dark outside so people are able to see into our homes if the shadings are left open and the lights are on.  It feels warmer in our living spaces if the blinds or shades are down or covering the glass.

Many of us have the extremely versatile Silhouette® family of shadings, manufactured by Hunter Douglas, in our homes. They provide views in the day or night, insulation and privacy when they are covering the window. When they are down, we enjoy filtered views through the shadings, substantial energy savings and privacy. The light giving energy refreshes our spirit as we enjoy our days.

Light is an attraction for us and little flies, moths, bugs and debris. The openings on the side of the Silhouettes®. Pirouettes®, Nantuckets™, Luminettes®, Vignettes® Soleras™, Illusions, Shangri-Las and many other blinds allow bugs to fly into the vane openings, often dying there as they can’t find their way out. We invented the CamilyWand™ Sticky Bug Removal Tool™ to help remove the debris and dried bugs from shadings and other inaccessible places. It is a great multi purpose tool for getting to hard to reach and high spaces. It’s perpetually sticky CamilyTip grabs anything lightweight that I touches.

We manufacture it because there are millions of Silhouette® shadings in North America which naturally attract the pesky insects. We want you to have a beautiful view, your insulation and privacy with your beautiful blinds, not a view of bugs. Please share this with your friends who would like our unique cleaning tool, to either use as a bug removal item or removal of any unsightly debris throughout their homes and offices.

CamilyWand™ wishes you the safest and warmest times for your Holiday Season – we are here to help you!