Cooler Temperatures Ahead: Are your Blinds Ready to Save You Energy

We’re all enjoying our fall foliage views and preparing for the upcoming lower temperatures. Here in Colorado Springs, we’re in the 70’s and 80’s as I write this and are expecting a possible 35 degree drop in temperatures this week, maybe bringing snow. Keeping that in mind as we move toward the holiday season, we should prepare for our changing energy needs. Many of us want to perk up our homes for the Holidays. It might mean purchasing new window treatments or cleaning our existing  shadings and blinds to prepare for those holiday gatherings at our homes.

Not only will our temperatures be dropping, the light will be changing. As the sun moves toward the Tropic of Capricorn in the southern hemisphere, our daylight hours become shorter and dark descends earlier in the afternoon. This affects our energy, as we are able to use solar energy during the day when the sun is out, then need to preserve that energy when the sun goes down at night.

Many of you have Silhouette® window shadings in your home which allow the best of all worlds for energy savings and views at the same time. They will keep out about 60% of the cold air when covering the glass, either with the vanes open to see your views or the vanes closed for privacy. ( The reverse happens in the summer with the heat.) The view with the energy savings is filtered with the sheers on both the back and the front, however the energy saving is worth having some filtering in the view. If you want a clear view, you are able to roll the Silhouette® into the headrail, only looking through the glass. The sister product of the Silhouette® shading, which is designed in a horizontal orientation, is the Luminette® shading, which traverses in a vertical orientation. Both products offer tilt and turn options with minimal sheer covering, so they can be in the open or closed position as well as being drawn to the side in the Luminette® shade or the headrail in the case of Silhouttes®.

The other categories of window shadings will be discussed in a future blog post. All offer different attributes for clients to consider when making window shading decisions for their home. The reason the Silhouette® is so popular is that the 3 attributes only available in that type and family of shading have: views, insulation and privacy at the same time!

The beauty of Silhouettes® also attracts bugs and debris when they are in the down, open position because the bugs love the light, crawl in and cannot find their way out. Many clients have asked How to get Bugs out of Silhouettes®? We at Camily, LLC have invented a tool: CamilyWand Sticky Bug Removal Tool™ to address this question and remove the pesky insects from your beautiful shadings. The quicker they are removed, the better chance of keeping your shading free of stains. We have a post on this blog addressing the bug removal concern. It is a minor problem if addressed quickly and we do not consider it a detriment when compared to the wonderful attributes the Silhouettes® offer.

Clients will often purchase the shadings for their windows and add decorative window dressings, such as draperies, valences, side panels and cornices. These products soften a room and provide the opportunity for clients to express their preferences, style and color in their rooms. Often that is the way clients are able to relax and become rejuvenated when they spend time in those areas. This makes your window treatments and living areas become phychological sanctuaries for your lives.

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Fall temperatures bring changing energy needs. Keep in mind that approximately 60% of the cold will stay outside with your Silhouettes in the down position, (covering the glass), either with the vanes open or closed. The reverse works for heat in the summer.

An excellent heat saver in the cooler months is taking advantage of your solar heat through your windows. Watching the combined movement of the earth and sun together, you are able to keep your Silhouettes rolled up into the headrail when the sun beams in your windows. As the sun moves away, lower the shadings, keeping them in the open position while it is still light – allowing some of the suns heat to enter your home. When it is dark, close the vanes and enjoy your privacy.

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