Bring Your Valetine Sweet Treats

Bring Your Valentine Sweet Treats in the days and week ahead, giving joy to your heart and soul. During the next week, we’ll be witnessing all types of the Valentine Day celebrations and gift giving thoughts.

Friends will share the day with flowers, treats and many other tokens of love and friendship. Some will enjoy romantic evenings, others will spend time with friends, send gifts of flowers, candy and special greetings and cards. It is a wonderful time to share heartfelt wishes with friends.

Whether you’re having friends in for tea or the heart filled hot chocolate pictured here, coffee or a Valentines Day party,  you’ll want your home to be festive, marking this fun Day. There are many simple ways to celebrate the day, including sharing Valentine Day cards with your friends.

Be sure your home is ready for company, clean and tidy. Many readers have wonderful window shadings or blinds from the Hunter Douglas Silhouette® family.  With those shadings, it would be easy to place a valentine or cupid cut out pieces of paper on the window glass, then lower your blinds (opening them in the sheer position) for you to have a filtered view of your decorations. This is the view-through we speak about when describing Silhouettes®, Nantuckets™, Luminettes®, Pirouettes®, Shangri-Las, Illusions and others.

Many of you know the phenomenon of bugs and debris getting caught in between the vanes of the Silhouettes® and other products because they are attracted to the wonderful light at the window and are able to sneak into the side openings to capture that light. What they cannot do is find their way out. After selling thousands of these types of shadings to my interior design clients, I decided to help my readers and clients by inventing the CamilyWand™ Sticky Bug Removal Tool™ for the purpose of retrieving the debris and pests that become lodged in between the vanes. The CamilyWand™ extension pole with its sticky CamilyTip will grab the debris and remove it from the shading safely, without damaging the blind.

It was designed to help people with a multitude of tasks, throughout your home, office, garden, garage, and even in cars and boats. One reader safely removed aphids from her roses, others have retrieved lightweight objects from behind furniture, high places, between appliances and from fans and chandeliers hanging from the ceiling. Its uses are vast, when used with your good imaginations.

Camily wishes you a heartfelt Valentines Day, and for you to enjoy your celebrations!