Beautiful Views: Are you Protecting your Valuable Silhouette Investment from Bugs?

Beautiful Views and Silhouette® Window Shading investments go hand in hand when it comes to choosing “hard” treatments for your home. (In the window covering industry, we tend to notate the products that cover the glass on your windows as hard treatments, and consider draw draperies, side panels, cornices and valences soft treatments.) The advantage of putting hard treatments on your windows is to get some immediate protection from the sun, get privacy and get insulation. Often when people have recently purchased a home, they prefer to purchase the hard treatments first and buy the draperies and soft treatments after the glass has been covered.

Seeing fantastic views with Silhouettes® make such a wonderful solution to your window coverings that many people use them in their homes. Because so many people have exceptional views, the Silhouette® Window Shadings by Hunter Douglas are their favorite choice to preserve their views,  and get privacy and insulation simultaneously. They have become another solution to the treatments which had traditionally used traversing sheers and over draperies, that people drew closed in the evening. The sheers gave people some privacy during the day. When it got dark outside, people would draw the draperies closed for privacy and more insulation.

The Silhouettes® actually serve a similar purpose like the sheers on a rod.  They allow you to see a filtered view, looking toward the light. People always see to the place of more light. In other words, during the daytime, if your Silhouettes® are in the down open position, you will see outside because there is more light out there. You don’t typically see into homes during the day unless you are very close (outside) to the glass. The situation reverses in the evening. Since it is dark outside at night, people will see into your windows if you have your Silhouettes® in the down open position, when your interior is lit. To close, rotate the vanes 1/4 turn, then people won’t see into your living space.

What the inventors of the Silhouette® have done is make large air pockets between the front and back, top and bottom of the tubular spaces, where air and light are trapped when the shading is drawn down and the vanes are in the horizontal (open) position. It is a great insulator with the vanes either open or closed, as I discussed in the post: Golden Sunshine….  The light is so captivating that all sorts of bugs, flies and spiders are attracted to the light, get inside the long space and cannot find their way out before they dry up. There has not been a professional tool out there to safely and easily remove the pests until we invented and brought our CamilyWand Sticky Bug Removal Tool™ to the market. It is an extension pole with a very tacky or sticky tip on the end which will attach to bugs and debris, to protect your blind from damage. This is the answer to those who want to know How to Get Bugs out of Silhouettes.

Silhouettes® are truly an investment in beauty and energy savings. When I stand in front of my Silhouettes® in my home, I’m able to actually feel the temperature change when it is very hot or cold outside, as I raise or lower my shadings. To be able to feel that is amazing and important to energy savings. That savings offsets heating with our furnaces and cooling with our air conditioners. The beautiful Silhouettes® also add resale values to your home, as most other shadings do not do. When you consider the savings in energy and increased resale value, you realize that your original investment in them is worthwhile.

Aesthetically, the Silhouettes® come in a wide variety of colors and sizes. They will cover a window up to 144″ or 12′ wide. Motorization is available.  The color range is continually increased to serve any application you may have. Many of the vanes have textures and patterns in them, which provides another level of interest. So if you enjoy the idea of owning Silhouettes® in your home to have your view, insulation and privacy in the same treatment, give them a try. We’ve provided the answer to the sticky, bug removal problem; you’ll be able to keep them as good as new if you protect them from insects. We have an offer of FREE SHIPPING  this month on our newsletter coupon at

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Do the heat test with your blinds. I can remotely close my shadings and feel the heat change when I am 6 feet away from the glass. If you have Silhouettes, Luminettes, Nantuckets, Pirouettes, Shangri-Las, Illusions or other similar blinds, you’ll be amazed by the temperature change. Try it out and feel the difference!

When the fall temperatures have such wild fluctuations, the temperature test is a great way to learn your heat and sun patterns. Watch as the sun moves from window to window. Then take advantage of your solar heat when the sun is coming through those particular windows.

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