Beautiful Snow brings Cozy Hot Cocoa and Cheery Fires

Beautiful Snow brings Cozy Hot Cocoa and Cheery Fires for those nippy days when Mother Nature blesses us with snow.

In the Northern Hemisphere, we seem to be having snow earlier this season than we’ve had in other years. Some storms are mind boggling and others only require a little sweeping to get out. We at Camily use tricks to be cheery inside our homes when our temperatures dip, and the snow comes down, giving us peace when it is so cold outside.

Keep you and your homes safe when the temperatures dip to record lows. Enjoy a fire in your fireplace, if you still have your Christmas tree up, keep it a little longer to enjoy the warmth it provides mentally. Add some indoor plants. Use lighting effectively and liberally to keep your spirits high. If you have window shadings like Silhouettes®, Nantuckets™, Luminettes®, Pirouettes® or Vignettes® or Soleras™ by Hunter Douglas that are fabrics, cover your glass even during the day to save energy in your home. That will provide mental warmth and save energy.

The Silhouettes® have  “S” type vanes suspended between front and back sheers, allowing people inside to see the outside. When the vanes are in the open position, our readers gain the heat retention in their homes and see their beautiful views, day or night. Those of you  who have these types of window shadings save on their heating bills in the winter. The shadings allow a filtered view during the day and night.

Often as our readers enjoy the light and views through the shadings, debris and bugs find their way into the sides of the Silhouettes® and the other shades. They cannot escape by themselves, so we need to remove them. We invented our CamilyWand™ Sticky Bug Removal Tool™ to help readers do exactly that. Its sticky tip easliy grabs the debris, little insects and bugs, making their removal easy. Your views are then preserved and your shadings protected. Our CamilyWand™ will grab anything in high and hard to reach places.

We here at Camily, LLC wish you safety during this terribly cold time and a very Happy 2014!